The Walk Home

As the birth of the night started, the sky above me began to bloom pitch black. The clouds started to disperse, the stars appeared and mist rose from the ground. It frightened me not being able to see what’s lurking in the distance. The tree around me looks eerie, with sharp leaves coming off their pointy branches. The trees made weary shadows on the ground. I looked at my watch to see the time; ten past ten. I was a good half an hour away from home; I was going to be late in. The thought of what my Dad would do, and say, gave me shivers down my body.

Why did I have to stay just that extra five minutes round my mates? As I approached the longest, dreariest, most daunting road of my journey, the mist was getting thicker, so thick that I could not see anything that was more than an arm’s reach away. The mist was pure white, like snow. As I started my journey along the road, I felt unsettled at not being able to see properly. I could feel the coldness of the night settling in. My body was getting colder by the second with each step that I was taking down the road. It felt like I was in a cooler, my finger tips were getting number.

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Time was not on my side. I only had another five minutes to get home on time, and being a good fifteen minutes away I became nervous, although it felt there were butterflies in my stomach. I knew that my Dad was going to get mad at me. I broke into a run. I reached the other end of the road. There was the sharp bend that led to the road to my house. The bend that I was approaching was so sharp that nothing could be seen on its other side. It was completely dark. The corner was full of mist. As I took the first step around the corner, I felt suddenly threatened.

My throat dried up. I was crying inside thinking that someone would be there to get me. I stood still. I could hear a rumbling sound. I reached for my mobile cautiously and shone the light from the screen towards the sound in the bush. The rumbling sound continued. The bush where the sound came from shook left to right. My heart started beating fast and hard, so hard it’s as though it was going to explode. My palms started to sweat. Then, suddenly, a bird flew out of the bush. I could just barely see it fly away into the dark skies. My heart beat slowly dropped back to normal.

I looked at my watch. Now I was a few minutes late, I started to panic. What was my Dad going to say? I broke into a run again. I could see my house in the distance as the mist started to lift. I could see the leaves on my street blow around together. The wind was creeping up; the noise was getting louder, like an old- fashioned kettle boiling. I felt alarmed as the wind was getting stronger; the leaves began to thrash against each other in the air. The neighbour’s door was open. It looked as though no-one was inside. I walked slowly towards their house.

I looked round, and everything just seemed unsettled. My anxiety started to grow. As I turned towards my house, all the neighbours were outside, huddling. They looked like a herd of sheep. The neighbours looked at me full of dread. The police was around, stopping people glaring through the open front door of mine. I wondered what was going on. Where was my Dad, I thought. As I stepped on my front lawn, a police officer stepped up to me. “Excuse me, lad! Excuse me! ” I got a glimpse of the front door before the officer blocked my vision. I could see an arm on the floor.

I pushed past the officer, when Mrs Smith from Number Six distracted him as she walked on the lawn for a closer look. As I stepped through the front door, there he was, on the floor. His face was white, in fact he looked quite blue, and he was lifeless. A puddle of blood pooled around his head. It was my Dad… dead. I paralysed there staring at him with joy! I stood and looked at him. My mind replayed my sights of hours ago. I saw my Dad’s face, inches away from mine. I see a replay of him shouting at me, each word followed a spit in my face. I saw his hand lashing towards my face.

I opened my eyes and I saw the ceiling spinning and then started focusing still. I heard him say “You ever think you can look at me like that again, I’ll get rid of you! ” I saw it on the side, shinned from the light, twinkled in my eye, the golden coloured ornament. I grabbed it. I smashed it against the back of his head. He fell to the ground, extremely fast. I placed the ornament back on the side. I then took my jacket and headed out the door. I remembered walking down my street and I remembered what he always said to me, “Don’t be no later in than half ten or else you idiot! “