The unpredictability of consumer behavior. In the age

The complexity of consumer psychology leads to the
unpredictability of consumer behavior. In the age of brand consumption, how to
strive for the target consumers to become the problem that the enterprise needs
to solve. The success and failure of the brand strategy at the core of the
emotion provides us with experience.


The advantage of emotional brand

Emotional brand is a brand that points to target consumers’
material benefits while meeting their emotional needs, such as Coca-Cola, jeep,
Disney and so on. The material brand meets the consumer’s material interest
demand, and the emotional brand meets the dual needs of the consumer’s material
interests and emotional interests. Therefore, for the similar products, the
emotional brand is more advantageous. For example, Dior launched a new men’s
perfume SAUVAGE in 2015 and chose Johnny Depp as the spokesperson for the
product. Since this is the first perfume he has endorsed, fans are consciously
associating the perfume with their idols. Because of this celebrity effect,
many fans are eager to buy the perfume, the official website was out of stock.
However, the men’s perfume with the similar flavor is also a substitute from
other brands, such as the Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel men’s perfume. In this case,
Dior used consumer’s admiration for Johnny Depp, so it made a great success in
the sale of the product.



Analysis of brand extension phenomenon

Since twentieth Century, brand extension has become an
important strategy for enterprises to participate in the market competition.
Brand extension is the application of existing brands to new categories of
products, which can accelerate the process of new products entering the market,
reduce the promotion cost of new products, and increase market share. A
successful brand extension means that the consumer accepts the different
categories of products from the same brand. In other words, these products meet
the needs of the consumer in the same interest. Through the study of a large
number of cases, the material brand cannot extend, and the emotional brand can


The failure of the material brand extension


The material brand products satisfy the material interests
of the target consumers with their own function. In other words, the material
benefit of a company derives from the functional characteristics of the
product. The exclusiveness of material causes the material brand to be unable to
extend, and can not meet the needs of the consumer’s emotional interests. When
consumers choose this kind of brand products, they should focus on the material
features such as product function, quality and so on. When the material brand
extends from one product to another product that is different from the material
index of the original product, consumer psychology has psychological exclusion,
refusing to purchase the extended product. For example, the family car brand
“Chevrolet” will expand the production lines to the truck, car, ended
in failure.


The key to the success or failure of brand extension —


The relationship between the successful brand extension and
the emotional coefficient is as follows: brand extension success, consumer
purchase, consumer preference, and emotion. According to the consumer choice of
this kind of emotional preference, the more the product can meet the needs of
the consumer’s emotional interest, the more it can cause the consumer to buy.
When consumers choose such products, they will mainly consider the emotional
satisfaction brought by brands, while the material quality indicators such as
product quality and function become secondary reference. Emotion is non
exclusive, and the path of emotion is not unique. When the emotional brand
extends from one product to another, which is completely different from the
material indicators of the original product, the consumer psychology is
sympathetic rather than psychological exclusion, then the extended product will
be selected. For example, from the initial military jeep Jeep brand extends to
the jeans, boots, bicycles, toys, lighters and so on, are adhering to the bold
idea of individual freedom, the diapers, baby cradle, baby steps with even
showing a bold personality color, Disney brand stores, broadcasting, television
and many fields the network company, from first to last to consumers
“dreamlike, happy” feelings.


Emotion is the key factor that affects consumers’ choice. If
the consumer has a negative emotional experience to the extension, the brand
will bring the consumer negative utility, the consumer abandons the purchase
behavior and extends the failure. For example, the international well-known
clothing brand “Pierre Cardin” products from the men’s and women’s
wear perfume, extends to chocolate, carpet, furniture, pens, slippers, hotel
kitchen towel and even iron, bacon and other daily necessities, consumer brand
“noble” emotions are cheap daily necessities. Harley Davidson brand
to impact; the pursuit of wild male full flavor products as the core, and
extends to the female perfume, leading consumers to emotional confusion,
eventually give up the product, even the brand.