The Thoughts of Huckleberry Finn

I thought a lot about the title and finallyunderstand that everything what I am trying to find and write are the ways when Huck begun to think by his free mind, which is established on his personal points of view and is far away from society dogmas and are closer to nature. In The Adventure Huckleberry Finn we see precisely how one’s heart and morals can change in stressful situations. Of course, it’s very hard to handle cases in the way which you had been raised. The book is told in the first person with Huck Finn telling the story. We as readers become Huck Finns while watching through the boy’s eyes. What I like about this style is simplicity and light irony. Huck’s diction is very informal and that’s why we become friends with him very fast.

Huck doesn’t like to speak about his feelings. He just tell everything as it is. First time when we share his feelings are in the first chapter. At Miss Watson’s house in his bedroom Huck is telling about nature and it brings some romantic tone. When we see his surrounding place, feeling of solitary covers our inside world. After this part our river begun to flow.

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There were a lot of details in Huck’s life that had influenced Huck’s mind, but I want speak about three, in my opinion, most fundamental events of the adventures. I think these are feud scene, helping Wilks’ orphan girls from rapscallions, helping Jim to get out from slavery. Let’s begin with the part when Grangerfords, offer to let Huck stay with them for as long as he likes. From the start of dialog first question what a host asks is whether Huck (George) is Shepherdson or not. It was very nice family and house. Huck was treated very well there. The boy could see how Grangerfords were respectful and how everybody does appreciate them. As Huck and we found out, there was another family of aristocracy in that town. These two families hated each other and there was feud between them like between Montagues and …