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The Odyssey – Books XIX – VIVBOOK XIX – Recognitions and a Dream1. What is Odysseus’ first excuse to get out of telling Penelope where he is from?EXACT QUOTE and citation, please.”Do not enforce me to recall my pain. My heart is sore; but I must not be found sitting in tears here, in another’s house; it is not well forever to be grieving”(19.140-143)2. In 2-3 sentences, summarize the story that Odysseus tells Penelope aboutKrete. How does she react to it?Odysseus tells Penelope that he is the grandson of King Minos and that he is a prince. He says that he took host to Odysseus and that the Akhaians stayed for 10 days because of a gale. Penelope wept because she misses Odysseus, but needs proof to believe it.3. Briefly explain the significance of the cloak and tunic.The cloak and tunic in Odysseus’ story is that Penelope had made them herself and brought the brooch to him for ornament.4. How long will it be till Odysseus returns? Use the exact text for your answer.”Between the present dark and one day’s ebb, after the wane, before the crescent moon, Odysseus will come”(19.360-363)5. Who is the first to find out that is really Odysseus? How?Eurykleia, one of the maids. She finds out while giving Odysseus a footbath, and notices the scar on his thigh – the same one Odysseus had.6. How does Odysseus interpret Penelope’s dream?Odysseus interprets that Penelope’s dream will come true – Odysseus will return home and kill the suitors.7. This is not the first time that birds have shown up in The Odyssey. Discuss (in2-3 sentences) their significance in Penelope’s dream.Throughout the book, birds have been an omen of death and that Odysseus will return home. In Penelope’s dream, it means Odysseus will come home and kill the suitors.BOOK XX – Signs and a Vision1. Penelope and Odysseus are not able to sleep. Why?Odysseus cannot sleep because he is trying to think of a way to kill the suitors. Penelope cannot sleep because she was weeping for Odysseus and then praying to Artemis to kill her.2. What does Odysseus pray for? What is the reply?Odysseus prays for it to be the last day the suitors feast in his home. The response was a cloudless clap of thunder from Zeus.3. Why do the suitors decide to hold off on the murder of Telemakhos?The suitors decide to hold off on the murder of Telemakhos because when they were planning his murder, an eagle had crossed high with a rock dove that it had killed.4. Give an example of how Telemakhos has matured.When Antinoös was insulting Telemakhos, instead of feeding on it, making him angry, Telemakhos ignored the comments, unlike how he used to be.5. Why does Theokylmenos leave? Use the exact quote as your answer.”The mind of our new guest has gone astray. Hustle him out of doors, lads, into the sunlight; he finds dark as night inside”(20.404-406)! 6. Defend the title of the book. Be specific.The title of the book fits in accordance with the events that take place throughout it. The signs of the book are when Odysseus gets a cloudless thunderclap and when the suitors see the dove in the talons of an eagle while planning the murder of Telemakhos. The vision of the book was when Theoklymenos tells the suitors that they all will die in the hall they are feasting on.BOOK XXI – The Test of the Bow1. Provide an example of dramatic irony in Antinoos’ dialogue on page 394.Explain how it is dramatic irony.When Antinoös was speaking in front of everyone, he implied that the bow is incredibly are to string and there is no man there built like Odysseus. This is an example of dramatic irony, as the reader knows that the only man there that is built like Odysseus is Odysseus himself, only disguised as the old man.2. Who is the first one to try to string the bow? How does this thicken the plot?The first man to string the bow is Telemakhos. This thickens the plot because not even the son of Odysseus can string the bow, leaving g everyone to wonder if anyone can.3. Why will the suitors will not give the beggar a chance to bend the bow? Arethey worried he will win Penelope’s hand in marriage?The suitors don’t give the beggar a chance to bend the bow because hey believe he is below them and should not have the chance to string the bow, not that they are worried he will win Penelope’s hand in marriage.4. What “sign” does Odysseus get during this scene?The sign Odysseus gets during this scene is when he strings the bow effortlessly, a loud thunderclap came as a sign.5. What does Odysseus say to Telemakhos at the end of the book that warnshim to prepare for battle? Use the exact quote as your answer.”The hour has come to cook their lordships’ mutton- supper by daylight. Other amusements later, with song and harping that adorn a feast”(21.492-494).BOOK XXII – Death in the Great Hall1. How does Odysseus kill Antinoös? Use the exact quote as your answer.”Odysseus’ arrow hit him under the chin and punched up to the feathers through his throat”(21.15-16).2. What arguments/points does Eurymakhos make to try to stop the slaughter?List them.-Antinoös was the ring leader and he made the men do what they did-Antinoös is dead, there is no need to kill anymore-The rest of the suitors will replenish the wine and meat they consumed-They will give Odysseus gifts3. List the deaths that occur, in order. (You can come back to this question asyou go along). *Find the one death that is an example of irony.-Antinoos-Eurymakhos-Amphinomos-Melanthios-Demoptolemos-Euryades-Elatos-Peisandros-Erydamas-Amphimedon-Polybos-Ktesippos-Leokritos-Leodes-Agelaos – his death is ironic because he told the other suitors that they would be able to kill Telemakhos and Odysseus, but he (and the suitors) all got killed.4. Who are the ones that are spared? Why?Phemios and Medon because they cared for Telemakhos when he was a boy.5. What chores does Odysseus order the disloyal women to do?Odysseus tells them to scrub the tables and chairs with sponges, tidy the great room, and then kill them.6. Telemakhos hangs the women instead of killing them the way his fathersuggested. Why? Find a quote that supports your answer.”I would not give clean death of a beast who trulls who made a mockery of my mother and of me too – you sluts, who lay with suitors”(22.514-5160.BOOK XXIII – The Trunk of the Olive Tree1. Penelope has many doubts that Odysseus has really returned. Why?Penelope said that some god must have killed the suitors, sick of their malice, arrogance and brutality. She also says that the true person of Odysseus died far away.2. What is the secret of the bed? How does it symbolize the strength of theirmarriage? Why is this an appropriate title for the book?The secret of the bed is that it cannot be moved – by anything. This symbolizes their marriage because like the bed, Penelope and Odysseus’ marriage cannot be moved. This is an appropriate title for the book because the trunk of the olive tree cannot be moved, much like most of the relationships in the book.3. What are the two tasks Odysseus must perform before he can live inhappiness?The two tasks Odysseus must perform are to take an oar and discover the men who have never known the sea or tasted the flavor of salt, and burn offerings to poseidon. Then, Odysseus has to come home and burn full hekatombs to the all of the gods.BOOK XXIV – Warriors, Farewell1. List the ways each of the following men have died or will die:Achilles – Akhilleus was killed battling in Troy.Agamemnon – Agamemnon was killed by Agisthos when he returned from Troy.Amphimedon – Amphimedon was killed by Odysseus during the battle that took place in the great room.Odysseus – Odysseus is rumored to die on the sea.2. Briefly discuss (in 2-3 sentences) Odysseus’ reveal to his father.Instead of Odysseus running up to his father, he decides to be interrogated. When his father asks for a sign to show that he is really Odysseus, Odysseus shows him the scar and then lists all of the fruit trees his father gave to him, finally revealing himself to Laertes.3. Why won’t some of the suitors’ deaths be avenged?Some of the suitors deaths won’t be avenged because of how much they had disrespected Odysseus, Telemakhos and Penelope.4. Why does Athena intervene to stop the battle, even though Odysseus andTelemakhos are winning?Athena Intervenes because the fighting will lead to more lives lost, and that the men all are fighting over something that is worth nothing.ReflectionsPlease look at your introductory packet and revisit the following terms. For each, pleaseprovide a 2-3 sentence explanation of each as it applies to The Odyssey as a whole.Epic Poem The Odyssey applies to an Epic Poem because it is a long narrative about the legendary hero Odysseus and his journey home. In another aspect, The Odyssey applies to an Epic Poem because it also celebrates the deeds of the legendary hero Odysseus.Epic Hero The Odyssey applies to an Epic Hero because The Odyssey is a long narrative about Odysseus, a legendary hero and his journey home. An Epic Hero is defined as a man who conquers most problems he encounters, summing up the story of The Odyssey and Odysseus’ adventures.Hubris Hubris applies to the Odyssey as it is seen all throughout the Epic Poem. Hubris is seen in many characters through the suitors and Odysseus himself, because as the ancient Greeks made known – it is humanly impossible to be perfect.