“The technology. Working on conceptualizing and building successful

“The biggest rewards in life are found outside your comfort zone. Live with it. Fear and risk are prerequisites if you want to enjoy a life of success and adventure”. – Jack Canfield.

As quoted above, once I got used to the day-to-day routine of my job I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, which improves my knowledge on latest technical and business concepts. Information systems have revolutionized the frontiers of business, education, and technology and U.S.A being a pioneer is a global hub for them; it serves the global organizations by helping them to overcome the challenges in the ever-evolving field of technology. Working on conceptualizing and building successful new technology products and information systems by combining technical quality and smart business strategy is something that I am always fascinated about and to meet my career goals, I believe that it is important to have an exposure to cutting-edge technology in the diverse global environment. Hence, I have decided to pursue my Masters in Information systems now. For this, I need to push my boundaries and I am confident that I am equipped with the necessary technical, leadership and management skills to tackle the challenges that come my way.

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Passion towards innovation in technology urged me to choose Computer Science as the primary subject once I passed Tenth Grade and I also secured 199/200 in computer science in my Higher Secondary Final Exam where I had learned the basics of C, C++. Irrespective of scoring 95% in the Higher Secondary Exam, I was not offered a chance to take up Information Technology as an undergraduate major at my dream university as it was extremely competitive. Since my craving for studying at one of the best universities (Anna University) in India was huge, I had to choose Ceramic Technology as my major. Even then, as a freshman and sophomore in college, I had an opportunity to take up some information technology classes and practical labs in which I expressed huge interest and always ended up scoring high grades. Irrespective of my interest in information technology, I put immense effort to learn the core subjects of my U.G major and thus, I could keep up a good CGPA.  However, all those years I have been waiting for an opportunity to reignite my interest in Information Technology.

My desire for Leadership and Management was brought to the fore when I organized a National Level Student’s Technical Symposium “ConCerT’12” along with my fellow students. Elected unanimously as the Student Secretary of my department, my responsibilities included coming up with radical marketing ideas and novel techniques to attract corporate sponsorship, sorting out a working plan and a way to manage daily tasks for the entire event, creating multiple teams and motivating them to perform their actions effectively and to ease unity among them. I am particularly proud of this as I had collaborated with a team of 60 diverse members for coordinating events and publishing souvenir articles by raising sponsorship worth INR 1.4M and eventually donated 5 percentage of the amount for charity. This stint helped me to realize my potential in leadership and management. 

An opportunity to work for IBM enthralled me and my training in Automation Testing – QA for a month aided me to gain the much-needed technical skills in Java, RFT, and Selenium which offered me a chance to join the AT project as a Technical Test Specialist. As a System Engineer who is performing Business Scenario Testing for AT projects, I was working primarily in analyzing and brainstorming the business scenarios and in drafting technical test scenarios after perceiving the Business model that is yet to be deployed. This yielded me a good rapport with the Product owners and BPE’s and this is when I realized that information technology can be used to improve decision-making, increase organizational effectiveness, manage complex business and information system challenges and leverage technology to gain a strategic advantage.

I am inclined to pursue an M.S. in Business Analytics and Information Systems (MS-BAIS) at the University of South Florida because I am delighted with the flexibility offered in the choice of electives and an opportunity to get rewarded with a SAS/USF Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence that will steer me to meet my career goal of becoming a Chief Technology Officer. Furthermore, with an MIS degree, I wish I can upskill myself with the latest technology-driven business solutions so that I can assist global organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and I am sure that if I am provided with an opportunity to study, learn and socialize myself in such a burgeoning environment, I can gain the expertise to ultimately make a vital contribution in the field of Information Systems.