The strongly believes that youth is its ultimate

topics before UNESCO today are ‘Engaging and Empowering Youth through Access to
Technology and Media’ and ‘Safeguarding Cultural Heritage of War-Torn Nation
States’. UNESCO is one of the most important organizations of United Nations,
with 195 member states, founded to promote peace and security all over the
world through Scientific, Educational and Cultural reforms. The Arab Republic
of Egypt, being one of the founding members of UNESCO, has taken significant
efforts in empowering its youth through modern technological advancements, and
safeguarding its cultural sites of great significance.

and Empowering Youth through Access to Technology and Media


isn’t just a word; it is that sector of society, which comprises of ambassadors
for the future of the nation, responsible for bringing in change and diversity
through their new, innovative and groundbreaking ideas. The youth indeed is
living in a world, where they have to make advancements in technology and media
to revolutionize and change the world. But due to the rising digital divide between developed and undeveloped countries, gender
inequality, and difficulty in accessibility of technology and media, the youth
isn’t able to be shapers of their own, and their society’s future; they are not
being able to bring in new ideas, diversify their society, and become the backbone
of their- nation which they are meant to be. According to the World Bank, nearly
2 billion people do not own a mobile phone and nearly 60 percent of the world’s
population has no access to the internet. However, when empowered and engaged
through technology and media, youth has the capability to go beyond their
limits; revolutionizing and shaping the world into a unified, diversified and
peaceful new place, where each and every member gets their right with the respect
that they deserve.

is Egypt’s ultimate wealth…”- President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. The Arab Republic
of Egypt strongly believes that youth is its ultimate priority, and investing
in youth is equivalent to investing in its sustainable future. Therefore, the
government of the Arab Republic of Egypt has been coordinating with more than
122 NGOs throughout the country to open youth centers which help to empower
youth through information technology and other activities. These NGOs will also
have campaigns running on social media to interest and inform youth about
global issues and advancement in technologies. Furthermore, according to
Egypt’s 2012 Constitution, Article 71, the state shall provide care and ensure
the youth is developed for every role and field. Moreover, the government has
even opened more than 1200 technology centers throughout the country with, to
engage and educate youth and the women of the Arab Republic of Egypt about ICT,
such that they can reach their full potential and have easy access to
technology and media.

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Egyptian Agency of Partnership for development is one of the most significant
agencies funded by Egypt which has been providing technical cooperation and
training courses related to ICT throughout the African and Islamic countries
around the world, not only to empower Egypt’s youth but, youth throughout the
world. The Arab Republic of Egypt has also been the leading signatory of the
African Youth Charter whose one and only motto is to give priority to youth
development and empowerment. The government of Arab Republic of Egypt, on the
commands of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, has hosted the World Youth Forum
which is a platform designated to engage and exchange dialogues between youth
and leaders from different parts of the world, and collaboratively bring

being the most important and significant asset of the nation, is crucial topic
to the United Nations assembly and has to be empowered in the most efficient
ways possible. Due to living in a world surrounded by technology and media, the
most efficient way would be by providing access to technology and media, which
is possible by the development of schools with cheap and advanced ICT systems
to educate the youth with the help of large IT organizations.

Cultural Heritage of War-Torn Nation States


Heritage”, an expression known by everyone yet understood by none. Cultural
Heritage isn’t only about the monuments or traditions passed on; it is the
soul, of a vibrant society. It’s the way of life, passed on by ancestors, for
generations and generations to come, as a gift. Culture is what gives an
individual their identity; it teaches pupils how to live with values and discipline.
Having countless social benefits, Cultural Heritage also provides economic
benefits to a nation, such as the development of tourism industry when used
wisely. Intangible Cultural Heritage is an important factor in maintaining and
enhancing cultural diversity throughout different societies and nations,
teaching people how to coexist with people who have different cultures and
identities, through intercultural dialogues. However, in the race of developing
and modernizing the societies or in the midst of armed conflict, Cultural
Heritage is being forgotten and left abandoned. As a result, the future
generations will become clueless about their past, about their culture, about
their identity. They will lose an irreplaceable source of inspiration.