The Story of Grendel

During the ancient times of Denmark, monsters have lurked in the ever-lasting forest. People were wary of what was surrounding them, not knowing when their souls were to be taken. It never was this way, until one day, when an almighty evil started to lurk the halls of Hero. The beast felt no fear of the humans in armor and feasted off the terror of the civilians, shredding their bodies limb-by-limb. Hrothgar, the King of Denmark, had tried to seize the monster’s powers to an end, but it was useless against its rough, impenetrable skin. The creature was ruthless and killed whoever had dwelt in Herat, leaving the king in loneliness and despair. Although, how did this monster become this way? To understand this, it takes us 14 winters back, to when this vicious beast, Grendel, first learns about mankind.

It rained heavily in Denmark and a disturbance uprises in a village. People put up pitchforks and torches toward a gaping cave. A family of three monsters was trapped against a wall, one covering the other two smaller beasts. From a distance, galloping sounds were heard. Behind the raging crowd was a line of warriors with a man who stood out with a white horse and shining armor. Leaping off of their saddles, the warriors charge through the crowd and into the cave. The warriors attacked the wild beast and started to jab at it with their swords and arrows. The monster pushes through the crowd and escapes from the menace with the other two who were hiding. Eventually, the Warriors catch up to the fleeing monsters. After hiding the other two, the largest creature stops and faces toward the warriors to fight them off. The elaborately armored man charges at the beast with great weight and stabs him with his mighty sword. A great tremble was felt, and the littlest of the two monsters find to see the largest creature dead. “Father!” the little beast called out, but nothing else was heard. The two escape through the forest, leaving to the s…

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