The Riddle of the Sands

The Riddle of The Sands The setting of this book was the North Sea. The location was between Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It took place in the 1902 when a man receives a letter inviting him to a trip on a good yacht. The place was at first very uncomfortable, the climate and the wind change during the novel. I thought that the author pick this place because the North Sea is one difficult to navigate, you have to be brave to navigate into the sandbanks. The main character of this book was Caruthers, was the one that Davies invite to Delectable.

He was a British foreign office employee; he was a fashioned young man with a bright future. Caruthers was meddler, conceited and lofty. Even the distance between him and his friend (Davies), he accepts to go to the trip. One of his weaknesses was that he didn’t know anything about sailing because in every trip that he go he got servants, captains and beverages. This book is about two Englishman that go into a trip, then the trip change to espionage one. Caruthers want to find what was happens during the days that were ripped in the logbook, and then he wants to see in what was Dolman.

He was trying to accomplish his goals because Dolman try to kill Davies. Dolman, he didn’t want to Davies know how to navigate in the sandbanks. The climax of the book comes when Dolman try to kill Davies in the sandbanks. The message of this book is that no matter what happens, you have to defend your country. The author communicated this by showing how Caruthers and Davies go into a trip to explore. An example is when they go to explore the routes of the sandbanks to have a new map and give it to the military forces.

Another example of ironsides is when Caruthers ask to his boss to give him another week, he wants to stay in the yacht to explore. I think that the author wanted you to feel the love for your country. This book doesn’t catch my interest. It was bored, I think that the book has a good idea but I was not very good expressed. No, I think that the author is the reason why I didn’t understand it too much. He didn’t put too much animation on the book. No I wouldn’t, I didn’t liked too much the book. Francisco J. Riviera Martinez 11 Flamboyant Cayuga, Puerco Rice Book Report The Riddle of the Sands Mr.. Gonzalez