The Relevance of Shakespeare

While most people know that Shakespeare is, in fact, the most popular dramatist and poet the western world has ever produced, students new to his work often wonder why this is so; considering he lived about 400 years ago; the reasons students should keep studying Shakespeare works is because of the challenge it plays on students with difficult language and style, express a profound knowledge of human behavior and the compelling characters of his plays.

The First reason of why Shakespeare is still relevant in present times is because of the challenges it plays to students with the difficult language and style he uses (“Why teach Shakespeare” 2). His language provides students with rich models for study, imitation, and expressive personal re-creation. They say the English language was still rooted before Shakespeare; after he came along, English become a modern language due to him writing over 40 plays and countless sonnets and poems. His vocabulary was about 20,000 words, large for his time, and he used his words like tools to create many memorable phrases, also it is said he created over 2000 new English words for phrases.

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The next reason for studying Shakespeare is because of the profound knowledge of human behavior found on his plays. Amanda Mabillard explains that Shakespeare’s ability to summarize the range of human emotions in simple yet profoundly eloquent verse is perhaps the greatest reason for his enduring popularity (1). He had a great understanding of human nature, and his characters have wonderful lessons to teach us- – they are all explored and examined in Shakespeare’s works. If cannot find word to expresshow you feel about love or music or growing older, Shakespeare can speak for you. No author in the western world has penned more beloved passages.

The final reason of why Shakespeare is still significant today is because of the complexity of his compelling characters. Shakespeare invented his share of stock chara…