The real-world experience, which makes website UX one

The New Year is here and with it, new trends
are here. In the year 2018, a variety of web design trends are expected to make
their debut. The domain of eCommerce, the most vibrant of all internet
industries, is expected to see a wide range of experiments and innovations. As
consumers get more accustomed to fluid user experiences, online businesses are
expected to work harder to come up with trends that maintain the customer


If you are developing an eCommerce website using a platform like Magento or OsCommerce, pay
attention to the following trends:

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1.       User Experience: Users
today demand a shopping experience that is as intuitive and enriching as a
real-world experience, which makes website UX one of the most important areas
of work during development.


2.       Personalized suggestions:
When it comes to online shopping, customers can be highly impatient. They
prefer to receive the results of their choice instantaneously. Businesses are
today using analytics to extensively study customer behavior and provide them
with relevant suggestions.


3.       Mobile friendly: Online
shoppers these days are more reliant on mobile apps than on websites. This
places an increasing onus on web designers to make shopping sites mobile-friendly
and make them easily accessible from small screens.


4.       Plug-and-play development: As
smaller businesses are looking to foray into eCommerce, the demand for an
easier mode of development is enhanced. Easy integration of modules and plugins
using a ‘Plug-and-play’ model is increasingly preferred over extensive coding.


5.       Enhanced Security:
Security is a highly important facet of eCommerce. Developers are looking to
boost the security of eCommerce sites with increasing layers of protection.
This is essential as multiple modes of payment become popular amongst


So, if you wish to offer a unique experience
to your customers, keep experimenting with new trends and generate more
interest in your eCommerce brand. If you are in need of technical assistance
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20+ years of industry experience and resolve your hurdles.