The Real Inspector Hound

?When confronted with a mirror, one is often forced to examine and reflect. The quality of the reflection ultimately depends upon the quality of the mirror, and the depth of insight into that representation of reality is often determined by the individuals own beliefs and ideas which are, in turn, shaped by their own context. To a sizeable extent, the play ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ is a mirror of the values, culture and context that have existed since the traditional detective story. However, Stoppard flaws this mirror, provoking our thoughts and interests as readers and because of this, writers are able to subvert the conventions and thereby deconstruct the assumptions that crime fiction is predicated upon. The subversion of the crime-writing genre is able to maintain our interest, allowing us to explore the genre more freely. Good morning English Teachers Association, Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Inspector Hound is a post-modern text reflected by the absurdist nature of the play. The text simultaneously uses and discards the conventions of the crime genre while also mocking the characteristics of the genre through the use of satirical devices redefining the crime fiction genre indefinitely. Thus Stoppard explores the relevance of truth and how life cannot be rationalised or logically explained

Stoppard comments on the concept that there is an unnecessary need for familiarity within the crime genre enlightening on illusion vs. reality, the distortion of the predictability in order to challenge the audience and arouse suspense. Through the farce parody, Stoppard is able to explore the interplay between reality and illusion by virtue of the reversal in character roles between Simon and Birdboot, challenging the, in Stoppard’s eyes, the formulaic nature of the crime genre itself to which Stoppard suggests that anyone could form part of the play and nothing would change Genre theorist Andrew Tudor expressed how ‘’genre defines …

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