The readily for the customer now. Form google

The internet of things (IoT) is an internet-working
of several identifiable computer network physical device, Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) or could computing applications to the existing internet network

In recently, the internet of things
device and services market is growing very fast, it have large economic and societal
impact of future world. In every corner of the people’s life: the home, office,
cars even the street of the city we can find many IoT device and service . It
help us to control over door lock, lights and appliances; the process of the
business life; connect with people and develop our daily live. The following
diagram showing full content of IoT service area.




As we can see there are many of the
internet of things devices and service areas, but in the current market the following
areas are more popular and it is on the top three of the market.


Smart home: the IoT device relate
to the smart home application is the most popular devices in the market at
moment and it is most readily for the customer now.

Form google to Amazon there are hundreds
of products available in the market now.


Internet of things           smart home device example:

Goolge home – Smart speaker: google
home is power by the google assistant. The owner can ask it questions like
weather, traffic, sports, finance or tell it do things like translation,
calculation or search information for you. With google you also can manage your
task and control TV and lights at home.


Amazon Echo -smart home: Amazon
Echo is a voice control device, user can talk to the device to play music,
sports and weather or even order an Uber. Amazon Echo also have smart alarm
clock to help user keep the phone out of the bedroom but still maintain useful
things like email, web browser.

wearable technology is one of the greatest applications of internet of things.
IoT wearable device can help user keep track their health and exercise progress
in previously impossible ways. The most popular wearable device is Apple watch
and Fitbit one

Apple watch- display the photo of
IPhone device or Mac without it’s own camera. Send and receive message. Track the
health of user, also there are many Apps in Apple watch

Fitbit one: this device can keep
track your steps, floors climbed and sleep quality. The device can be connect
to computer or phone with wireless.

cities: internet of things device can help city reduce the traffic problem,
crime and pollution. The city of Barcelona is one of the most smart city in the
world, the city implement many device to help them control the city parking.


Cybercrime investigation in
Internet of things


With the development of the
internet of things, the technology of criminal with IoT is developing as well. In
the IoT network  environment lots of the
devices operate like wireless sensors, radio frequency identification(RFID),
watch, alarm; all these device are  interconnection
together with servers or cloud application and It contain big amount of data. When
all the devices are connect together it means it possible interconnect the
various and attack as well.  On the data
perception and collection process of IoT, typical attack include data leakage ,
data control and authentication. Computational attack may general wrong data
processing result when data processing and routing hack may happen when data
transmission also same denial- of – service attack, integrity attack could
occur on the data storage.


Digital Forensics in Internet of
things system


In the past few years IoT forensics
people normal divide all these attack as different zone which called 1-2-3 zone
digital forensics to help forensics investor examine the digital evidence . The
following diagram showing the 1-2-3 zone digital forensics network:

is the internal network of IoT include the IoT device like google home,  Amazon

Echo, these device contain
valuable data about a crime committed in the IoT infrastructure

Zone 2 include all the
intermediate components that communicate between internal network to external
network.all these middle device should be detected by intrusion detection and
prevention system and firewall. The forescis investigator can find evidential
data of crime face

Zone 3 include all the exernal
hardware and software component of clould service. This component normally
hardly to attack, but the forensics investigator still can find some evidence
to help their investigation.



The digital forensics of the
internet of things is all these 3 zones, the investigation should be focus in
things, Network and cloud. So what the examiner can obtain from these three.


Device forensics:

Home Device (Google home, Amazon Echo)

The forensics investor may obtain
information form this device:

schedule of the people of the house owner

connections and WI-FI password

interconnected smart phone data which include medias, Emails and bank

Wearables device  (Apple watch, fitbit one)

The forensics investor may obtain
information form this device:

message and phone call

schedulers and personal organizers

activity tracking data and GPS using information

health data like heart rate

Smart city

forensics investor may obtain information from city management application

         Wireless access point of the city

detail information of the city

the traffic sign



Network forencsic

on the network connection type, the following information the forensics
invertor may obtain from this area.

access point and log information



proxy cache


activity and monitor

External forensics (cloud forensics)

forensics is the most complexity parts of the internet of things forensics. Even
the technology may challenges the investor but the following artifacts still
can be found in the cloud computer. 



time information

using to connect to server