The Qualities of the Prince by Machiavelli

In “The Qualities of the Prince”, Niccolo Machiavelli postulates that an effective rulers needs to be shrewd, deceitful and feared rather than loved. There have been many references today about Machiavellianism in articles and social media. In the 21st century his influence can be seen in many rulers throughout the world. Any ruler of any country behave in such a way that is almost a replica of Niccolo’s views-some of which society does not see. Machiavellianism is heard of by society and is understood to be that the characterization is of a harsh nature.

The main argument Niccolo makes is that a ruler should do whatever it takes to rule their state. This is the origination of the term “The ends justify the means”. Machiavelli wrote “Let a prince therefore act to seize and to maintain the state; his methods will always be judged honorable and will be praised by all: for ordinary people are always deceived by appearances and by the outcome of a thing.” (231). Meaning, do what it takes to get the results you are looking for no matter what it takes. In theory one would believe that Barack Obama had an influence on the influx of illegal minor immigrants allowing the potential for future “Voters” to vote, giving Barack Obama the end result of gaining more votes. Some people in society believe that the behavior of Barack Obama is centered on that idea. In an article online by Fred Wertheimer wrotePresident Obama opts for “The Ends justify the means”, Where “Means” Creates potential for Government Corruption” points out that Barack uses this tactic by creating a tax exempt organization which allows the President to run it by himself or his political allies (np). This proves he is replicating the behavior Machiavelli pointed out of the end justifies the means. While the term “The end justifies the means” can mean positive notions to society in different settings it does not always benefit society when it comes to…

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