The Pupil by Henry James

In this passage from the noble “The Pupil,” by Henry James, three characters are introduced, Mrs. Moreen, Morgan Moreen and Pemberton. Pemberton is the first character to be introduced, and it is important to know that the rest of the characters are described by Pemberton’s prejudices, farther on, in the passage Mrs. Moreen and Morgan are introduced, but differently from Pemberton’s introduction which introduction is made by the narrator, the Moreens are introduced and characterized by Pemberton. Later on, the connection of Pemberton with the Moreens is described as Pemberton being little Morgan’s tutor. Pemberton’s preoccupation throughout the passage is the anxiety to know how much he will get pay, but he does not have the courage to ask.

Pemberton can be described as insecure and in a way remorseful of what he is doing, but regardless of his low self-confidence, Pemberton is not willing to move from the position where he is. Pemberton’s first impression of Mrs. Moreen is not but a “fat jeweled hand” describing Mrs. Moreen as over waited and wealthy, this is part of Pemberton’s point of view towards the characters. The Moreens are described as “extravagantly” to Pemberton’s “advantage,” since Pemberton’s main objective is, getting a good salary, he sees the Moreens wealth as an advantage, but still, he is unable to ask the question.

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After Mrs. Moreen directly introduced Pemberton to his pupil Morgan Moreen, the Pemberton goes on and describes the little boy as “improper” with his mother. Pemberton’s point of view towards Morgan was negative since the beginning, and then, latter on when he gets to see Morgan in a closer look, he calls him “unpleasant” referring to little Morgan’s physical. However, regardless of that, Pemberton started to fell “timid” towards Morgan, because Morgan looked smarter than he did and Pemberton feared that, but Pemberton goes on and tells himself “these w…