The prince – book review

“The Prince” is a book about how to obtain and keep political power. It was written by Niccolo Machiavelli in 1513 but was not published until after the author’s death.Machiavelli was a man of many talents.He published poems, plays and books on the history of the Roman Republic.Hi real passion, however, was politics and governance.He was a close ally of Piero Soderini who established the Florentine Republic.A true Republican at heart, it is not surprising that when the Medici family overthrew the Republic in 1512 he was thrown out of government.He narrowly escaped severe punishment and was actually able to endear himself to the new rulers of Florence.Part of his strategy to get back into their good graces was the writing of The Prince.Machiavelli hoped that he could help influence the Medici rulers of Florence in a manner that would consolidate their power enough to push foreign invaders out of Italy.The ideas expressed in The Prince shocked others in Europe because they advocated a secular response to real life situations rather than a theocratic response to hypothetical situations.

The Prince is organized into brief chapter, each with a specific topic that is indicated in the title.Subsequent chapters build some of the chapters upon while other chapters seem to be one-off chapters, having little or no connection with the chapters that follow.Machiavelli gives advice to princes and would-be princes on how to get and keep power.Much of his advice centers on a do-it-yourself attitude towards kingdom building.For example, he advises against borrowing soldiers from other princes to keep your people in line.He also advises against hiring mercenaries.The best solution, therefore, is to have you own trained, loyal men-at-arms keep order for you.But what if you do not have this available?Never fear, Machiavelli offers many ways to keep power without the strength of arms.Some of his most famous advice is g…

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