The Presence of Evil in 1984

George Orwell, in his novel, “1984,” shows that people are not inheritably evil, and in order for his society to exist everyone needs to be evil. We as humans don’t see ourselves as evil and that’s the only way it could exist. If we knew how evil we really were, we would try to correct that and be more “perfect” humans. Orwell’s society is under total control of the inner party, thought police, and big brother who carry out evil duties to make sure that not one citizen can rebel. Winston, a protagonist in this novel hates the party passionately and rebels against them frequently.

An example of evil is the psychological manipulation of the inner party. Mostly everything they do is to overwhelm the people of Oceania so they don’t independently think about stuff. The giant telescreens they have in every citizen’s room isn’t to just watch the people of Oceania, but also to stream constant propaganda about how great the inner party and big brother really is. The government is always watching their citizens, making sure nobody is plotting against them. They don’t believe or consider this “evil” because they recognize this as the way their country should be controlled. They think its ok to control every citizen for the general welfare of their society. A totalitarian society could even be considered evil in a sense of the citizens being involved. Most don’t want to rebel because the government is too strong but they know what they’re doing is wrong. The inner party, and big brother are completely brainwashing every citizen into doing whatever they say and whatever they think is right. This is an evil action taken by the government of Oceania that Orwell portrays.

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Another way in which George Orwell portrays his society to be evil is the way in which the inner party also controls the citizens physically. The party will observe you for the slightest bit of disloyalty to them. A tiny facial twitch that the party doesn?…