The political violence in the Andean region of

  The relationship between the ‘war on drugs’ and political violence in
the Andean region of Latin America was tough to begin with. When America first
started to help Latin America with their drug wars, America spent thousands of
money to help Latin America with the war on drugs and make sure drugs won’t be
dealt in the countries of Latin America. Latin America used to be and still is the
top country for dealing drugs to other countries, then Latin America reached
out to America for help so they can end the war on drugs so people stop killing
each other for drugs.


“During the 1980’s, the US
“war on drugs” in neighbouring Andean countries had turned Colombia into
the world’s largest cocaine producer by far” (Huey, 2014). The US had spent
billions of money to form a military program called Plan Colombia. This program
that the US invested in is to reduce the drug war in Colombia and make sure
crime does not increase in Colombia. This plan has reduced the some of the
crime in Colombia but drugs are still coming and exporting to different
countries such as Mexico and other closer countries around Colombia.


International Energy Agency (IEA) and oil giant BP certainly think so – they
believe the US will be energy independent by 2035” (Anderson, 2014). Before “The
United States spent about $300bn (£180bn) on importing oil” (Anderson, 2014). “This
represented almost two-thirds of the country’s entire annual trade deficit”
(Anderson, 2014). The US “Oil imports are, therefore, sucking hundreds of
billions of dollars a year out of the US economy” (Anderson, 2014).

After “If the US achieved energy
independence, not only would the country spend far less on cheaper,
domestically generated power, but the money would be going primarily to
US-owned energy producers” (Anderson, 2014).



US helped “The joint initiative has
helped Colombia improve security and promote economic development” (Pedraza,
2016). Plan Colombia was originally created by Colombian president Andres
Pastrana back in 1998. Later on, Colombia wanted to partner up with America so
that America can help Colombia stop the drug war in their country. During the “Plan
Colombia has helped the Armed Forces and police fight international drug
traffickers” (Pedraza, 2016). Colombia’s “New radar technology helped Colombian
security forces substantially increase their interdiction of drugs leaving the
country through the air or sea” (Pedraza, 2016).


      After “Under Plan Colombia, the Armed
Forces also received extensive training” (Pedraza, 2016). After “From 2000 to
2014, U.S. Special Operations Forces trained with more than 93,000 Colombian
Soldiers and National Police officers” (Pedraza, 2016).



      The reason for Colombia partnering up
with US is so that they can build a strong relationship between them both so
they can continue working in the future.










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