The Philosopher King and the Noble Lie

Throughout thousands of years homo sapiens – human being himself, has always been a perfectionist. I highly believe that being a perfectionist is nota simple state of mind but a lifestyle. The procreation of literate uniqueness, creative and ideological thinking of Classical Greece, Plato, wrote “The Republic” where he createdthe perfect city-state . In the dialogue he speaks through his teacher Socrates all the time. Plato writes that the ideal community should be based on the Noble Lie and the city-state should be ruled by the Philosopher-King because they have the knowledge of Truth. In Book 3 Socrates introduces how should a child be educated and at the end of the book he promotes the idea of Noble Lie. Noble Lie came from a Greek word ???????? ?????? and has the idea of upper-class birth children. Plato assures that the Noble Lie itself is a story everybody in the state from ordinary worker to ruler must believe in but only the ruler ought to know about its being imaginative.

All the people, soldiers and ruler of the state are born of the mother earth and they contain metals (gold, silver or copper) in their soul which god put in them. Being Nobly Born is what’s the key success and strength of the story. It has a mental power as it has the aim of putting patriotism in the soul of the people and make them grace their native soil as their mother. On the other hand it is hard to make everybody especially the Philosopher-King believe in this because of the challenging ideology it contains for those days. The citizens of the city are not asked to believe that they were verbatim born out of earth. It is to make them realize that the person next to them is equal to them during their education and the thought that they are all “born out of earth” will make them care about each other. Secondly, at the end of their education comes the so called second birth where they get the kind of metal they deserve which actually makes de…

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