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The primary of healthcare setting is when Primary healthcare nurses accept the meaning of health in the Statement of Alma-Ata thathealth is a formal of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not simplythe lack of disease or disability.They repeat the health as a human right and see financialand social development as a condition to the accomplishment of health. They seethe raise and protection of health, including the decrease of social rejectionand differences in health, as having positive effects on financial and socialdevelopment and on world peace.Primary health care nurses see the contribution of people asa group or individually in planning and applying their health care as a humanright and duty. One way of stating this is through an expression that createdin the disability movement, ‘nothing about me without me’. Primary health carenurses accept the dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights ofindividuals/groups.

Primary health care nurses are registered nurses, registerednurses and nurse practitioners qualified for registration by the AustralianHealth Practitioner Regulation Agency whose ability, as stated by theregistering authority’s license to practice, educational preparation, relevantlegislation, standards and codes is specific to (though not exclusive to) theprimary health care context. Essential human services attendants receive the meaning ofwellbeing in the Declaration of Alma-Ata that wellbeing is a condition offinish physical, mental and social wealth and not just the absence of illness orsickness. They reaffirm wellbeing as a human right and see financialand social improvement as an essential to the accomplishment of wellbeing forall. They see the advancement and insurance of wellbeing, including the impoverishmentof social prevention and aberrations in wellbeing, as effects affectingfinancial and social improvement and on world peace. Essential social insurance medical caretakers see thecooperation of individuals as a gathering or separately in arranging andexecuting their medicinal services as a human right and obligation.

One methodfor communicating this is through an expression that began in the incapacitydevelopment, nothing about me without me. Essential medicinal servicesattendants recognize the pride, culture, qualities, convictions and privilegesof people/gatherings.