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The position the essay will take place is the affirmative side. There should be an amendment to the Constitution to abolish the death penalty nationwide. The death penalty should be abolished because the death penalty costs millions to execute one person. For instance, the state of California could save roughly one billion dollars throughout the next five years if California decides to abolish the death penalty. It costs more to execute a person than prison a person for life without parole. Another example, is that Nebraska’s taxpayers pay one million and five-hundred thousands dollars for each death penalty prosecution. In addition, it costs roughly two million dollars to just execute one person in North Carolina. Also, Maryland spends about three million dollars just for the death penalty case. Lastly, taxpayers pay for death penalty trials. Death penalty trials last four times longer than a non-capital murder trial. The taxpayers pay the salaries of the judge, public defenders, and court officials. Therefore, taxpayers would be paying the salaries four times more than a non-capital trial. Not to mention but, not all trials end in a death sentence.Another reason why the death penalty should be abolished is because it often causes pain for the criminal, cruel and unusual punishment. In 2014, Dennis McGuire was supposed to be executed by this new combination of drugs. Instead, it took him twenty-four minutes to die. He reportedly gasped for air for about thirteen minutes. This caused him to suffer and was cruel when the execution was botched. In another execution, Joseph Wood was executed in 2014. He was executed by lethal injections but it took him two hours to die. This also caused him to suffer and was sitting there in pain. Another botched execution took place in 1979. Angel Diaz was executed by lethal injection. He was supposed to be paralyzed and unconscious but instead he was in pain and had foot long burns going down both of his arms.  Later, he had to take a second injection. All of these botched executions would violate the Eighth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment states “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” When the person getting executed suffers in pain, then that would be a violation of the Eighth Amendment. On the other hand some people think that the death penalty should be kept. Some people think that the death penalty should be kept because it intimidates criminals to not commit crimes out of the fear of death. Actually, a study shown that for every 100,000 people in 1999 among the death penalty states is 5.5. States without the death penalty have a 3.6 average murder rate for every 100,000 people. Based on that study people are not worried about death and murder more people in death penalty states. Secondly, states with the death penalty have not all been performing the death penalty. There are thirty-four states with the death penalty but only about thirteen states carried out executions in 2011. This study would show that criminals would be committing crimes but would not be executed. Instead, the criminals could be on death row for years and not be executed. Therefore, the criminals would not be feared about the consequence. Lastly, if the criminal is African American, the criminal is 1.7 times more likely to be sentenced to a death sentence than a white person. This study would show that white criminals may not fear the death penalty because white criminals are less likely to be death sentenced than a black.The death penalty should be abolished because it is biased when applied to race. In 2015, 34% of executions were African American, and 13% of the population is made up of minorities. This study shows that only 34% of executions are African Americans and the other 66% are made up of all different races. Another study showed that people are 4.3 times more likely to be executed in Georgia for killing a white than killing a black person. As this studies shows it is racist and biased when applied to race. One last study that has been shown is that since 1976, fifteen white people have been executed for killing a black person. Only, two hundred eighty-three black people were executed for killing a white person. The study shows that black people pay the price more often than whites and shows why the death penalty should be abolished. Some people think that the death penalty should be kept because it gives the victim’s family closure. There have been multiple reports of innocent people being executed. This would not help with the family closure because the criminal who did kill the victim may be on the loose and an innocent life was taken away. Also, this would not help because the innocent’s person family is in grief and they may need family closure. One innocent life taken away is one too many. Secondly, putting the criminal into prison for life gives them rehabilitation. Also, prison is arguably a more rough sentence than being executed. This would make the punishment worse and being executed would be unnecessary. Lastly, Martin Richard was one of the three dead at the Boston bombings. Dzhokhar was pressed with thirty charges and seventeen of them included the death penalty. But, Martin’s parents wrote a letter to wrote a letter to the court. The letter was Martin’s parents telling the court not to kill the Dzhokhar. Martin’s parents thought that if Dzhokhar was put to death, he would be all over the news. If Dzhokhar was put in prison for life, Martin’s parents would stop hearing about him. That case shows that family closure does not only result in execution but also putting someone in prison for life. It also shows that the death penalty is unnecessary and should be abolished.There should be an amendment to the Constitution to abolish the death penalty nationwide. The death penalty should have been abolished because it costs millions of dollars, botched executions lead to cruel and unusual punishment, and the death penalty is bias when applied to race.