The might be better. There were many problems

The project was very
important because of many reasons. It was a part of the Patient Protection and
Affordable Act, also known as “Obamacare”. That project was an important part
of President Barack Obama’s legacy with a great political impact. It helped all
individuals to select the most affordable insurance coverage which one was
perfect for them. It also helped people to know that they could take any
government health care aids or not. website lets consumers to
choose from different health insurance schemes too. That project was also a
prospective trade area for tiny businesses.


The key risk factors in this
project were lack of plans and goals, selection of leaders with lack of
administrative and technical experiences, improper design and weak project
structure, scarcity of team meeting and teamwork. The selection of project
leaders without technical and organizational experiences was the weak beginning
of the project. The project size and time limitation were a vital issue for
this project. The estimated user size for the project was not that huge. But in
the beginning the website had to handle more than thrice the user
simultaneously which was beyond expectation. Undoubtedly the difference was
quite large for a new website. The CGI wanted more time for the project, but
the government officials were rigid about the deadline. The managerial peoples
of this project were not cooperative. The communication gap was a major problem
throughout the project. If the strong cooperation and strong teamwork took
place, the result of the project might be better.


There were many problems this
project has encountered. The description of these problems is given below:


Management: There was
no supervisor who would supervised how the project was working and would take
the important decisions. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(CMS) who organized the development effort had a huge management structure. But
there were no single unit to take charge of the entire project. There were
shortages of staff, lack of regulations and coordination. Even the White
house’s least attachment didn’t increase even after the McKinsey report was

Organization: To input
all the personal information before buying a health insurance was a complex
process for the project. It created many unnecessary problems. The time
limitation was also one of the major problems. The Obama administration kept on
changing the rules and strategies until the end, so the contractors had to cope
up with the changing demands. Some specialists skipped the important meetings,
and contractors for different parts of the system didn’t communicate with each
other for the projects need.

Technology: The main
problem in the technical side was the use of unknown database software. The
assigned company named MarkLogic sorted data management in a different way from
the traditional organizations such as IBM and Oracle. There were no backup
systems for a Website crash. The vital components were never secured. Even the
Website was not carefully experimented before going live.