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The Apple watch is the latest product to be created by Apple
Inc, which is intended to enhance the usability and interaction between the
user and an iPhone while providing some new features. Tim Cook, CEO
of Apple Inc, described the Apple Watch as a, “precise timepiece, a new
intimate way to communicate from your wrist, and a comprehensive health and
fitness device.” (Cook, 2015).

The watch was created with the concept that, “People are carrying
their phones with them and looking at the screen so much. People want that
level of engagement. But how do we provide it in a way that’s a little more
human, a little more in the moment when you’re with somebody?” (Lynch,

Innovative Features
& Design

Assuring that the apple watch contains new innovative features
and designs, which will allow it to stand out from its sea of competitors in
the smartwatch industry is an important criterion in attracting and drawing
customers to the product, in order the receive good feedback and response from
the general public. Apple focuses on promoting the functionality, aesthetic and
health monitoring abilities as its main functions.

Apple Watch connects to the iPhone via
Bluetooth, making it easier for the users to complete simple tasks like reading
texts, emails, making calls and addressing Siri without the need to check their
phones. The wearable technology increases efficiency while reducing unnecessary
effort from the user. The watch’s ability to record small messages through
voice technology allows the user to receive relevant information without having
to carry hefty electronics or notepads. Another new feature that the Apple
watch focuses on is on the ability to keep track of fitness through a calorie
counter, daily reminders and a movement tracker.

As the healthy living lifestyle trend gains popularity
and momentum, health, home and mobile payment applications are the key functions
that the new device provides. With the launch of the Watch, Apple made a major decision
to enter the health-monitoring industry with existing devices such as the Fitbit,
Nike Fuelband and Withings Pulse.

In comparison to other competitors in the
smartwatch industry and existing apple products, the Apple Watch is marketed as
a personal fashion accessory rather than a technological advancement, as it is
a product that people will wear daily. Hence, apple has designed the watch to be
a set of modular options or a framework rather than a singular product. This provides
consumers with a wide variety for each individual’s needs and preferences in terms
of both functionality and aesthetics.

Many companies with existing, equivalent products in the market have
not met the level of success as apple because of their decision to focus on other
aspects in wearable technology. Samsung with their product Gear Line attempted to
fit as many features onto the device with little concern for the actual purpose
of the product while Garmin’s wearables purely focused on the fitness monitoring
capabilities without much consideration given to the aesthetics and design of the