The Journey

Callie scuffed up her old Converse trainers along the laminated wooden floor, as she made her way down the steep carpet stairs. “Hurry up Callie, we won’t get there on time” she heart the stern voice of her mother shout from the front. Callie bluntly rolled her eyes as she reached the bottom of the stairs and swung her bag over her shoulder. She walked straight out the door and her family, who were now sat in the car waiting for her. Every single year her parents would drag her and her younger brother , Harry down to her Grandma’s house in Bournemouth. She really, really didn’t like going.

She thought it was just a stupid waste of time! It was the time of year Callie would always dread, the only thing Callie enjoyed there, was the beach. “Thank you Miss Callie, for finally gracing us with your presence. ” Callies dad smirked sarcastically. Callie simply ignored his comment and carried on clambering into the back of the car, and sat next to Harry. “Okay, can you just drive fast? So we can get this over and done with. ” Callie whined, clipping on her seatbelt. Her mum started up the car engine and pulled out from the long pebbled drive way.

Callie breathed in a deep sigh of boredom and turned her iPod up full volume, rested her head on the window and slowly started closing her ice blue eyes. Callie felt the car come to a sudden halt and instantly sat up straight. “We’re here!! ” She heard Harry yell whilst jumping out the car and Callie slowly followed him into her Grandmas ever so familiar house. “Here we go again. ” Callie sighed to herself, as she knew exactly what was about to happen. Like all the other years. “Callie! Darling, you have grown so much! ” she had hearts those words so many times before.

The whole family had said their greetings and were now sat around the long pine table and quietly eating their tea. Her Grandmas ever so famous roast dinner. “Excuse me, but what’s the time? ” Callie asked politely. “Its only 8:00 dear” her mum replied peering at her watch. Callie simply looked around the table at her family who were all just getting stuck into the meal. “I think I might head off to bed. I mean, I’m still quit tired from the car journey” She said excusing herself. “Okay, night dear” Her Grandma replied before giving her a kiss on her cheek. The next day came along fast and Callie was already up and ready to out to the beach.

Bye mum, I’m off to the beach now” Callie shouted before her mum could answer. She ran straight out the front door and headed in the right direction towards the beach. Callie felt the soft, warm sand under her feet as she walked along, and found a perfect spot and lay her towel and looked around, with her blonde hair blowing about in the wind. She got out her book and started to read from were she had last read up to as she heard footsteps approaching behind her. “Err, excuse me” Callie heard a low, husky voice come from behind her. Callie immediately spun hear head around and met eyes with pair of dark brown eyes. Sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you when you are reading” the guy said shyly.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s not your fault” Callie smiled up at him which indicated that she had forgiven him. She patted her towel as if to tell him to sit down next to her. He immediately did so, and carried on with what he was going to say. “Well, I was just wondering, because you look really familiar. Do you live anywhere near Bristol? ” he asked giggling slightly. “Oh right, that’s cool. Yeah, I live in Bristol. Do you? ” she replied, surprised. “Yeah, that’s why you might look so familiar. I’m Doug by the way. ” he said holding out his hand.

I’m Callie” she shook his hand as they smiled at each other. “So do you come here often? ” Doug asked. “Nope, I’m just visiting my Grandma here for the weekend. I find it quite boring, so I always come to the beach. What about you? ” “I’m just here for the week as well with my parents. They drag my here every year for some strange reason” he replied laughing. They spent most of the day with each other but it was getting late, and Callie had to be back at her Grandmas house. So she said goodbye to Doug, and skipped happily back. They had both arranged to meet the next day at the same place.

Callie carried on skipping down the path that lead toward her Grandma’s cottage, hoping that the next day would come round fast. Just as Callie had hoped, the next day did arrive very fast. She hurried herself along, whilst getting washed and changed in less that five minutes. Quickly, she raced downstairs, just in time to give her mum a goodbye kiss and she was straight out the front door. All the way to the beach millions of thoughts were flouting round her head. ‘What if he didn’t turn up? ‘ or ‘will it be as fun as yesterday? ‘ Callie shock herself out of her thoughts in time to see Doug waiting for her in the same spot as they arranged.

Aww, how cute. He’s already there” she thought to herself, whilst approaching him slowly. Her heart started to pound against her chest as she got closer towards him. “Hi Doug” she finally said startling him a little. “Callie! ” he smiled. And from then, they spent the whole day together. They went up to the amusement park, and went on all the rides. They talked about everything they could think off. And found out they were into all the same things from music, to hobbies. It started to get dark as the day came to a close. Callie’s phone started to ring in her back pocket.

She got her phone out and saw it was flashing ‘Mum calling’ on the screen. “Sorry it’s my mum. ” she giggled to Doug, stopping him from carrying on the conversation. “Hey mum, what? Mum… that’s not fair… I know… fine, whatever. Bye” Callie hung the phone up and put it back into her jeans pocket. She looked up at Doug who was looking back at her. “I’m sorry, I have to go. My mums being a pain and saying she has to go back home. Something to do with work” Callie shrugged, saddened by the news she had just received from her mum. “It’s okay. I’m sure we’ll meet up again in Bristol. If that’s okay” Doug replied smiling. For sure! ” she giggled, giving him a friendly hug. Callie walked back to her Grandma’s house once again. She arrived back and saw that her parents had already packed up the car.

Their car full with suitcases and other random stuff. Callie quickly ran inside to say goodbye to her Grandma. She quickly got into the car and put on her seat belt, and peered out of the now rainy window. She gave a small smile to herself as she was thinking back the whole trip down to Bournemouth. It had to be the best one yet and she was sure she was going to see Doug again. Maybe next year will be the same and won’t be so bad as well after all.