The Jean Burton, and as William Burton awaited

The lights are flickering,
fans screaming, camera’s flashing, paparazzi shouting – Stop! It’s a dream! The
dream of fame and fortune, awards and autographs. Well, these dreams did come true for famous director and
producer Tim Burton.

We all start somewhere and ‘In
the beginning there was light’, a bright light that grew in the womb of Jean
Burton, and as William Burton awaited a son. Months later, Tim Burton, their
precious baby boy, was born, on August 25th 1958. Since Burton is a
Virgo, he’s quite quiet and reserved, and when he was younger, spent his time making up stories and falling
in love with animation. He made short films that, for some reason, all leaned
towards dark and gothic images.

Finally, after graduating
from Burbank Highschool, Burton attended the California Institute of Arts,
where he studied animation and made a short film called, “Stalk of the Celery Monster”,
which caught the eye of Walt Disney Productions! They offered him a job as a
concept artist, and through that opportunity he developed another short called “Frankieweenie”,
that got him fired because it was too dark for Disney’s young viewers – little did
they know that they let go of a star in the making.

Burton’s protagonists often
portray the way he sees the world. He creates themes, expressing how outcasts fit
into a senseless place. It’s quite evident in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
and Corpse Bride, that the characters portrayed, fear change and are clear
outsiders, like himself. Burton makes use of contrasting light, close-ups and music
to create his gothic stories. He uses close-ups to create connections between
the audience and characters. Burton also uses specific music to create multiple
types of moods within audiences. For instance, sorrowful music was repeatedly
played when Burton makes a connection to Charlie Buckets home, in Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory.

all this, he met a beautiful German woman, Lena Gieseke, who he married in 1989,
but later divorced in 1991. During his directing of other famous actresses, he met someone else. We know
her has the famous, Bellatrix Lestrange from ‘Harry Potter’, or The Red Queen
from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. . .Helena Bonham Carter. Together they have a son,
Billy, and daughter, Nell, born in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

In any case, let’s cut this short, please take a moment,
and put your hands together for the eighth-highest-grossing director and the
masterpiece himself. . . Tim Burton.