The it can be seen that the ability

pertinence of the media to our current society is undeniable. When the advent
of globalisation and the rise of new media, the pervasiveness and permeability
of the media in our lives has increase rapidly, and has even become the norm
for almost every individual all around the world. As such, many organisations
and individuals have sought to rein the media, with hopes of influencing, or to
a greater degree, controlling the actions of others through the usage of fake
news. There is no doubt that fake news brought numerous discomfort for the
community at large. However, I am in favour of it at the current moment due to
the waves of change it will eventually bring to the mankind.


media is a colossal entity, and is not entirely monolithic. Fake news can
penetrate almost every aspect of our lives such as political, economic and
social aspects.  In the political arena,
the effect is adverse if none is quick to pick up anything suspicious about it.
A fake Guardian article quoted the former head of MI6 claiming that the Rose
Revolution in Georgia in 2003 was instigated by British and US intelligence
services to destabilise Russia. (Graham Ruddick, 2017). The authorities were
quick to remove it from the Internet within hours and it was later found to be
a hoax in order to misled the world. Albeit how efficient the authorities were,
the effects were definitely felt at home as well as international arena and it
can be seen that the ability to manipulate public opinion on a large scale is
now achievable. (Kevin Wang, 2017)


though, we as sentient individuals, still have freedom of choice in what we do
and the type of information we would want to receive. Being in a well-connected
environment does not really help, it would further aggravate the scenarios with
the influences from friends. On the other side, the exposure to fake news
brought awareness to the society and many are in favour of transparency within
the media. It could be a better explanation of how news is gathered, the source
and authenticity of the information (Paul Dughi, 2017). With rising concerns
over the importance of breaking barriers to ensure accuracy of information, journalists
are forced to improve their quality of work. Additionally, major industry
players such as Facebook are taking steps to improve the situation. It is
currently still at its infant stage, but we could see the hope that it brings.


conclusion, while whoever malicious spreading fake news over the media can exert
a great influence over society at large and ostensibly controls the community,
this degree of influence and control only works if we buy into the idea. Hence,
in order to prevent these undesired outcomes from turning into realities, the
global community should work together to ensure that all individuals around the
world are supplied with objective and accurate information, so as to make
proper, informed decisions. All this can be done, of course, by the use of the
potent and pervasive media to cease its influence.