The is collected from sensors in wearable tracking


The main concern of this article is to explain
that these health monitoring devices remind the schedule or appointments with
physicians and even remind the medication time which ultimately minimizes the
visits to doctors. It is evaluated that the bio-monitors or sensors in wearable
devices even collect human brain activity, emotions, feelings in addition to
fundamental parameters such as body temperature, pulse etc. If this happens
then it may result in security breaches. This article provided an overview about
the latest trends that shape the health market. In addition to this, the author
is concerned more about the risks to consumers because large amount of data is
collected from sensors in wearable tracking devices. The ultimate aim is to
have a meaningful control over sensitive data and follow government policies. (Montgomery,

            In this article the author described the importance of wearable
biomedical sensors to record physiological parameters. The internet of
things(IoT)in healthcare is explained in detailed in this article. The
applications that capture data, cloud data storage units, sensors in wearable
devices and body area networks(BANs) together form IoT. The author in this
article mainly concentrated on four respiratory related health conditions such
as pulse oximetry, pulmonary ventilation, activity tracking and air quality
assessment. In this article a detailed information about wearable biomedical
sensors which can measure basic health parameters and can be worn. Examples:
Activity trackers, smart watches, smart clothing, tattoos which are Electronic
based and sensors are connected to the phone applications through which one can
view the readings. Here, a detailed information about BANs was also provided. (Aliverti, 2017)8.

this paper it was shown that while integrating medical information into social
networks it is concerned with many privacy and security rules. This article
explained in detail about Fitbit. In security protocols, collection of data and
their storage details, operation codes, from all these it was found to have
some disabilities in Fitbit. It consists of three parts called trackers which
collects the data, an online social network, which transfers the data and USB
base station which is a link between trackers and online social network. It
explained about both tracker and base modules in fit-bit. This article provided
deep information about the smart sensors e.g., pedometers, blood pressure and
sleep monitors and wearable wireless technology. The author provided
information about the manufacture of Fitbit extension called Fitlock to prevent
attacks. Experimental studies were done on BeagleBoard and Xperia devices to
gather more research knowledge on Fitlock.( Rahman et al,2013)9