The insecurity, lack of self-esteem, not being appreciated,

The third group is the most important group of the three groups because they have the necessary training, they have the low task, and they have experienced and high self-confidence and are trusted by the manager. This group is fully accepted by the company and staff. But they are unwilling, for various reasons such as workload, job insecurity, lack of self-esteem, not being appreciated, and unfair treatment compared to those who underperform or favored individuals. These factors will create dissatisfaction, insufficient job performance, and unhappiness that will result in the low job performance. Determining motivation and employee participation is the first step in creating a winning work environment. Typically, employees who work enthusiastically and feel deeply involved with the company are those who direct innovation, offer more initiative, offer higher quality work, and lead the organization forward. On the other hand, isolated employees will harm your organization as they can infect the rest of your team with negative comments. This not only reduces productivity but also makes key members of your team look for new opportunities. It is very important to identify these employees and handle their discomfort. If active people are illegally unable or unwilling to re-energize and re-focus, it’s essential that they be removed from the organization to serve the entire team. Therefore, they need plenty of encouragement, assistance, and empowered problem-solving skills that will influence their attitude. They have the ability to complete any task that is given, but they are insecure and unwilling because they feel like they have not been appreciated with all the skills, experiences, knowledge they acquired by working years in the same field. They don’t want to have a seasonal job, or they don’t want to perform in the same position where they have for years, they don’t want to underpaid when their qualifications and experienced measured. Once, these individuals know that they have a secured job, then they will make the necessary changes and dedications to go back to the same organization.

If you plan to increase the amount of the work, it is best to provide them with a decent position and a fair salary. Remember, smart workers always have the ability to do more, but they can no longer tolerate if they are under a lot of pressure and mistreating. An effective organization can provide promotion, encouragement, empowerment, and entitlement to a higher position to enable positive and constructive transformation in the mind of the employees. Managers should also share their ideas with these people to ensure that they are the major players of the team. Their ideas are valued by the organization. This will help them to develop the most important factor that is the organizational identity.

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Therefore, organizations should strive to their best and make necessary commitment in order to keep and retain the highly skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced seasonal employees in their organizations. They should think that how much they need to invest and wait to train or prepare an employee with the same features of these experienced people. They also should consider another point how reliable these new employees will be for them. Employees are motivated by the nature of their work. Employees seek independence in decision making and how to deal with their work. Assign responsibilities to the employee to increase their skill and knowledge. Stretching allocations increase employee abilities and their ability to participate in work increases. Provide greater access to important meetings and projects. Provide more staff time to influence the goals, priorities and measuring of the group or company. Let the staff direct the projects or teams. Allow the employee to spend more time with your boss. Most employees pay attention to this. Find out employee concerns and complaints before the employee is inactive on the job site. Listening to employee complaints and keeping an employee on how to handle a complaint is crucial to creating a work incentive environment.

The company should pay the salary at a certain percentage of the people in this group during the break time. These guys should continue to be trained for the new approaches related in this field. The managers should create communication channels so that they can keep them motivated and hopeful besides keeping their organizational identity alive.