The influence in this region. During the World

Middle East is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia. The Middle
East has long provided the gateway between Asia and Europe. During the 19th
century, its strategic and economic value made it an area of contentious
international rivalry between Britain, France and Russia. This importance was
enhanced by the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 and the discovery and
development of vast oilfields in the 20th century. The Middle East played a major
role in World War I. WWI was important for Middle East because it shaped the
development of the modern Middle East. It was directly involved in WWI and the
powerful European countries such as, Britain and France want to expand their
political and economic influence in this region. During the World
War I, the Middle Eastern countries fought against the Ottoman Empire by helping
Britain and France because they wanted to escape from the Ottoman Empire. After
the WWI, Britain and France divided the Middle East region into two without regarding
the territory, culture, religion, languages and ethnic diversity with the Sykes-Picot
Agreement which was drawn in 1916. According to this agreement, Britain got the
control of a large areas of the coastal strip between the Mediterranean Sea and
the River Jordan and Jordan, southern Iraq and the ports of Haifa and Acre
which allow access to the Mediterranean Sea. The agreement also allocated to
France the control of southern Turkey, northern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Oil, trade routes, geography and terrain, faith and
ideology also contribute to the strategic importance of the Middle East. The Middle East oil fields, stretching in a great arc
from Iran and Iraq around the Persian Gulf, comprise collectively the largest
known petroleum deposits, approximating about two-thirds of the oil reserve of
the free world. Moreover, the oil fields from the Middle East is a major
economic factor in the well-being of Western Europe. Despite the development of
nuclear power, Western Europe’s needs for oil will increase year by year.
Moreover, the Middle East oil is the cheapest oil source available to Western

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Geography is also the importance of the Middle East. The
political and psychological significance of the Middle East is a major part of
its strategic importance.  Three of the
world’s great religion, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, centered in Jerusalem.




addition, the Middle East is also important for the United States. The Middle
East has been a region of geopolitical and economic significance to the world
before the involvement of America in this area. According to the U.S Energy
Information Administration, the Middle East produces 30 percent of the global
market and some countries, above all Saudi Arabia still possess significant
spare of productivity.  The U.S and the
Middle East countries signed the Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement for the oil
from the Middle East. The United States needs the oils from the Middle East and
the Middle East nations needs capital and technology from the U.S.  Israel is another central U.S interest which
often linked to a desire to promote peace between Israel and Palestine. The U.S
also supports Israel for arms sales, intelligence and security cooperation and diplomacy