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The movie blood diamond was filmed in 2006 and was based in the village of sierra Leone. The village suffered horrific events during the war in the late 1900’s about the mining and illegal sales of diamonds. The west african nation of sierra leone was attacked by the revolutionary United Front (RUF) who destroyed the countries infrastructure and began to burn down the village, rape women, and gun down several children. The RUF also captured many people and forced them to  work as slaves for the diamond mines.the RUF mainly targeted those in poverty becuase of thier needs to provide food and shelter for their families.The two main charcters in the movie are Danny Archer who is an ex-mercenary and Soloman Vandy who is a fisherman from the village Sierra Leone. Solo,an was captured during the attack on the villaghe and was used to mine diamonds shortly after his son was taken and forced to become a child soilder. Issues rose as dimonds stated to be more and more demanded in the more developed countries, the Van De Kaap dimond industry played a big role in the dimond mines. The supply of dimopnds were high but in order to keep the demand also high and to keep prices up, many of the businesses give out false information about how there is a shortage of diamonds the to consumers. Soloman came across an extremly valuable and large diamond which ge then burries underground for safekeeping before anyone sees it. SUPPLY AND DEMAND In the movie Blood Diaomnd,The demand for diamonds were extremely high in the devleoped contires and due to this the RUF tore apart families and recrutied multiple people to work as diamopnd miners to find as many diamonds as possible. The more developed countires had high demands for diamonds since they veiw thwm as high end jewlery but they have no idea what the process is to extract theses diamonds from the villages. Even with the revenue generated by selling thses diamonds were in the millions, those in poverty were not helped at all and were paid less than a dollar a day working in horrific conditions. They received no saftey eqipment or the proper tools. Out in the mining area if any of the slaves tired to steal or hide a diamond would be shot down immeditly. Due to the high demands in the developed countries, businbessess relase false information aboutloew supply of diamopnds to make sure that the cunsumers think of diamonds as a luxuary, which therefore keeps the diamonds more costly. POVERTY Poverty played a huge roll in this film. The village of Sierra Leone was actually ranked 180th out of 187 of thw worlds poorest countries. The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) mainly attacked those in poverty due tothier vaunrablility to earn any amount of money to support thier Soloman VAndy a fisherman form the village of Sierra Leone was seperated from his fanily and captured by the RUF who then forced him to work as a dimond miner. Although the revenue is in the millions from selling these diamonds the workers get paid below extreme poverty line wages. As a result opf this it restricts the famililes to have the basic nessesties such as water, food, sanitation, and shelter. Although Africa produces about 15% of the world’s diamonds, they still earn less than a dollar a day. (Brilliant Earth, 2016). if any of the miners tried to steal or hide any diamonds they would be killed. Soloman Vandy’s son Dia was also camptured by the RUF and was trained to become a child soilder and to kill.  came across a very rare and costly pink diamond