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The second perspective I will be focusing on is the global ethical perspective on human rights based on the article ‘UN calls on Ireland to reform abortion laws after landmark ruling’  (TheGuardian, 2016). The United Nations is an international organization made of 193 member countries. The UNHRC holds a utilitarian perspective as they want women to have their rights and control over their body so they’re not restricted. This way the woman doesn’t feel violated their rights, since rape and becoming pregnant because of it is not under their control. By allowing them to have their own rights the UN is proposing a solution that will result in the most positive feedback. The UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Committee) ‘Has called on the Irish government to reform its restrictive abortion legislation, after ruling that it subjected a woman to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and violated her human rights.’ (TheGuardian, 2016).The UNHRC denounced the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, which denies women the right to terminate their fetus even with fatal fetal abnormalities, as they believe it is ethically wrong to deny women their rights of their body. Fatal fetal abnormalities consist of underdeveloped vital organs such as heart and brain. When denied termination, the baby may likely die within a few hours of birth. I believe that the UNHRC holds this perspective because they think that depriving women of their human rights and control of their body is dehumanizing. “The human rights committee has found that what happened to me was a human rights violation. It has recognized that Ireland’s abortion laws can cause women intense suffering, violating our most basic human rights,” says Siobhán Whelan, who was denied a termination despite fatal fetal syndrome diagnosis (TheGuardian,2017). The UNHRC then instructed The Irish Government to legalize abortion, and provide effective abortion services because every day 12 women and girls from Ireland have an abortion, and 9 travel to the UK and at least 3 risk a 14-year prison sentence to take safe but illegal abortion pills ( The Republic of Ireland has planned to have a referendum this year, on revoking its ban on abortions in all circumstances. I believe if this referendum was to succeed, many lives would be saved, and the human rights of women in Ireland would be respected. However, with the majority of Ireland being Catholic, it would create a massive religious shift between the Catholic Church and state.