The grating, overall the book was a great

The graphic novel Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou is a fictionalized biography telling philosopher, Bertrand Russell’s, journey to find out the absolute truth about the foundations in mathematics. It recounts, not only Russell’s writing of Principia Mathematica, but his childhood with his grandparents, his four marriages, his relationship with Ludwig Wittgenstein and his part in the anti nuclear movement in the UK. All of this captured in a graphic novel format with art that is different, however it is pleasurable and colorful. This book has a great mix of entertainment and history, and shows off the characteristics and personality of Russell and the great minds that he’s worked with, which all wraps up into an amazingly unexpected read! Logicomix kicks off with Russell recollecting on his childhood with his grandparents, his early studies of math and the family tragedies he had to learn. The tragedies that he had to find for himself, which gives us an eye on Bertrand’s need to know more. This story is told by Russell giving a lecture. We are later shown a maturing Russell delving deeper into the study of mathematics and philosophy, so much so that he creates a paradox and that destroys his hope for a small amount of time, until he attempts at a solution. This is a common theme throughout the story: being certain, being doubtful and coming back full circle.The framing of this book is a bit odd, seeing as it jumps from the present time showing us the production team speculating and transitions back into Russell giving a lecture about his life in philosophy and mathematics. Though this was a tad grating, overall the book was a great read with it’s  interesting characters and artwork. It creates narrative for what may seem to be a boring topic and going into this I was definitely not expecting to be pulled into a story like this, but I read this cover to cover and I can highly recommended it.