The government of the duke, which allows for

The Lies of Locke
lamora is a fictional fantasy book written by the author Scott Lynch.  Set in the fabricated city of Camorr, based
on late medieval Venice on an anonymous world. 
The story follows a group of elite thieves but more specifically the
main character Locke Lamora and his past growing up in Camorr.  Throughout the thieves time, they’ve been
defying the unspoken agreeement between the corrupt underground and the
government of the duke, which allows for an amount of organized crime.  The story picks up following Locke at the age
of 6, currently a deceitful, scheming, high strung thief.  Locke’s current guardian, the Thiefmaker
simply wishes to kill off Locke Lamora for his unruly behaviour before he ends
up causing problems for the secret peace and underground community.  Instead he settles on selling Locke to a man
named Father Chains, a priest of the Crooked Warden, The god of thieves.  Chains was the current leader of Locke’s
group of thieves and was trained for nearly the next 20 years under Chains with
the rest of the thieves in order to become master thieves.  Locke eventually takes over the team as
leader, which consists of Jean Tannen, an adept brawler, Calo and Galdo Sanza,
two identical twins who’ve mastered all tricks of deceit and bug a newly found
apprentice following Chain’s death.  Another
associate mentioned throughout the series is a female thief by the name of Sabetha
but does not appear for the remainder of the novel.  The Criminal world included follows a tax,
collected by the king of the underground known as Capa Barsavi.  Locke manages to convince the Capa that his
group of thieves are simple pickpockets 
who collect only enough to live every collection.  In secret, Locke’s group is really an elite group
of con artists who’ve conned plenty members of the nobility and have amassed a
large fortune hidden within their hide out. 
The only information known about the thieves schemes is credited toward
a man named, “The Thorn of Camorr” which is simply Locke in
disguise.  At the start of the book
another scheme has commenced, with Locke acting under the name of Lucas
Fehrwight, a noble merchant from the land of Emberlain to con a wealthy noble
named Don Lorenzo Salvara.  While Locke and
the others are busy with their ploy, an unknown criminal calling himself the
Gray king appears and has been assassinating the Capa’s men in secret.  The Capa soon goes into a state of paranoia
and encloses himself within his fortress known as “The Floating
Grave”.  Locke in the midst of his
attempt at robbery ends up face to face with the Gray King and an associate he
has hired known as a Bondsmage, a powerful magician trained to kill working
under a large organization that no one dares to fair against.  The Gray Kind reveals he has known all about
what the Thieves have been up to and even the fortune they have accumulated
over the years.  The con artist is
blackmailed into confronting the Capa under the name of the Gray King in an
attempt to negotiate for the true Gray King. 
The Gray King murders the Capa’s daughter and has her body returned
within a rancid barrel, making Locke’s job even harder.  The disguised Locke meets up with the Capa
under the name of the Gray King, only to be brutally tortured and left to drown
in a barrel similar to the Capa’s daughter. 
Locke ends up being saved by Jean and Bug but realize to late that they
had been playing right into the Gray King’s hand.  They make their return only to find an
intruder sent by the Gray King who assassinates the Sanza twins brutally and
has stolen their vault of wealth.  The
intruder kills Bug but Jean and Locke manage to survive and finish off the
intruder.  With Jean and Locke only left
alive with no fortune, no friends simply seek revenge against the Gray King and
decide to continue the scam against the Salvaras.  Locke travels towards Capa Barsavi’s fortress
once again where he finds him in celebration because of the Gray Kings supposed
death.  The fortress is soon infiltrated
by the Gray King where he cuts down all of Barsavi’s closest men and eventually
Barsavi included.  The Gray King
announces himself the world of thieves under the name of Capa Raza and declares
himself emperor of Barsavi’s kingdom. 
After some time has passed, Jean and Locke decide they are in dire need
of funds if they wish to continue their revenge on the new Capa.  Locke continues his scheme on the Salvaras
while Jean investigates the Capa where he finds some vital information about
the Capa loading his fortune onto a ship in disguise as a plague carrier.  Before he can tell Locke he is jumped by the
Berengias Sisters, twin sisters who end up being the Capa’s real siblings but
manages to kill them but ends up very injured. 
Locke’s ploy is uncovered by a woman known as the Duke’s
“Spider” who informs the Salvaras. 
Locke barely escapes but is confronted by The Bondsmage hired by the
Capa, known as “The Falconer”, 
Locke somehow overcomes the magician and restrains him while cutting his
tounge off and fingers not allowing him to speak spells and alive but the
preferred option would of been death. 
Locke aware of the threat of the Bondsmages, decided it was still a
better option than killing The Falconer and openly creating a war he could not
win.  Locke finds out the back story
behind the current Capa and how his parents were murdered in order to maintain
the secret peace and as the new Capa gives an offering of four sculptures to
the Duke but in reality are large time bombs. 
Locke defuses the bomb and convinces the Duke’s Spider that he saved
their lives to condone for his sins.  He
also informs the her that the Capa’s treasure is in an area known as the Barges
and that a plagued ship is sailing toward another city and will soon be
infected and must be stopped.  After
occupying the Duke’s government Locke confronts the Capa and with his luck
defeats him in combat after distracting him for a second.  The Duke’s Spider impatiently went to the
Barges to search for the Capa’s treasure only to find an empty lot, She soon
realizes that the plague ship was carrying the treasure but was to slow as the
ship was destroyed full of Raza’s fortune. 
Locke uses the ship as offering to the god of thieves for all of his
friends who’ve been murdered throughout this period of time.  After recovering, Locke and Jean sail off to
another location towards a new life with Camorr being uninhabitable for them.