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The kitchen is at the heart of every home, and it is usually the most frequently used room. While this does mean that your family may enjoy eating, socialising and working in the kitchen, it can also become a dumping ground for lots of stuff. It is very easy for your attractive laminated benchtops to quickly become covered in papers, utensils, books, cookware and lots of other things that are “temporarily” placed there. This can make your kitchen look untidy and make it more difficult to get organised when you want to prepare a meal. So, here are some fantastic ideas to keep your benchtops free of clutter. Create an Appliance Base:It is very easy to have your kitchen benchtops become cluttered with small kitchen appliances. Most of us have toasters, coffee pots, blenders, juicers and mixers that seem to stand on our benchtops, yet are not used all time. So, you can avoid this clutter by creating an appliance base. You can either allocate a kitchen cabinet for all your small appliances or create a nook behind a custom door, so everything is on hand when you need it. Use a Wall Planter for Your Fruit:Many of us like having a fruit bowl out in plain view to encourage those healthier snacking habits, but this can tie up valuable benchtop space. However, you can have the best of both worlds by mounting a wall planter. A multi tier planter provides baskets for plenty of fruit and creates an attractive feature without using any benchtop space. Add Floating Shelves:The side of your cabinets makes the ideal spot for some floating shelves. This will create additional storage space by making use of dead space. You can even have some decorative boxes or baskets on the shelves for those miscellaneous bits and pieces that tend to be left on the bench. Add a Pot Rack:Pots can be a pain to store as they tie up a massive amount of space inside cabinets or clutter up the benchtop. However, there is an alternative; a pot rack. You can have a pot rack ceiling from the ceiling or get a little creative using a garden trellis mounted on a wall to make a practical feature. Create a Utensil Rod:Under your wall cabinets is the ideal place to hang your utensils. This will keep them handy without creating clutter on your benchtop. This can be easily accomplished by using hooks to hang a sturdy curtain rod, but if your DIY skills are lacking, there are some ready made alternatives available. If you are looking for attractive kitchen benchtops, you should speak to us. We offer a range of cabinets and accessories including laminated benchtops. The EKitchens team is also on hand to answer any queries and help you to plan your dream kitchen.