The Dolls In The loft

The door lay open. The shadow drew closer. Amy could see something or someone lurking by the old abandoned rocking horse. She could see the rocking horse moving slightly from side to side, but she was not sure if it was a draught or just her imagination. Amy had been babysitting her cousin one night when she heard noises coming from the loft. At first she was too scared to go and see what it was, but after a while the noise started to become unbearable.

It sounded as if there was a meeting going on in the loft because every five minutes she was disturbed by what sounded like the screeching of chairs, but Amy knew that there were no chairs up the loft as she was always going up there as a child. She used to make a castle out of all the boxes and then she would sit and play in it with her dolls. Amy now wished that she had a castle made out of boxes to hide in, to get away from whatever was up the loft.

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Amy was sitting in the living room, watching the television, when she heard another noise, so she put the volume of the television up louder so she could not hear the noise, but it just seemed to get louder too. It was as if Amy was controlling the noise from the remote control, so she decided to mute the television which seemed to make it stop. She thought that if she could not hear the noise she would not be as scared to go and have a look. She crept up the stairs which were leading to the loft as gently and as quietly as she could, but when she reached the top of the stairs Amy could hear her heart beat getting faster and faster.

Reaching out for the door handle was the most terrifying thing she had ever done in her life. Her heart was beating faster every second. Amy eventually managed to pluck up the courage to just grab the handle and open the door, but after she had opened the door she stood in the doorway for about five minutes, too scared to move another inch. Then she heard her little cousin, Emma, shouting for her, so she decided to go and check on her. Amy found Emma hiding under the covers and when she asked Emma what was wrong she said she could see a man standing by the window. Amy’s heart beat started to get faster again.

She was terrified, but she did not want Emma to think she was a baby so she walked over to the curtains to see if anything was there, but when she got near the window, she paused. She could hear her little cousin crying. Amy knew that whenever Emma started to cry it would take her about half an hour to get her to stop, so Amy reached out her hand and pulled the curtain open. There was nothing there but a tree. Amy could still hear Emma crying so she let her watch a video in her room for ten minutes. Amy was down stairs when she heard laughing and talking coming from upstairs.

She thought it would probably be Emma’s video but she was told to switch it off half an hour ago, so Amy went up stairs to see. She quietly opened Emma’s bedroom door and looked in. Emma was fast asleep and the television was switched off, so she quickly shut the door again. Amy then decided to check the loft again. She was not scared this time, she just opened the door and walked in. She had a look around and everything looked the way it normally would look. There were cobwebs everywhere and everything was covered in a thick sheet of dust.

She the turned around to walk back out, but then she heard someone laughing. She turned round to see were the noise was coming from and got the biggest shock of her life. All the boxes were now arranged in the shape of a castle, like the castle she used to build as a child. She slowly walked over to it and looked inside. There were about ten dolls sitting inside. Amy thought they looked a bit familiar, maybe they were the dolls she used to play with when she was younger. Just as she was about to pick one of the dolls up the loft door slammed shut. She paused for a moment.

Her body was shaking. The room was pitch black. She could hear something moving next to her foot, so she quickly ran to the door to get out, but it was stuck. No matter how hard she pulled, the door just would not open. Then she started to hear laughing. It sounded as if it was coming from the castle, but she just ignored it as she was too busy trying to get the door open. The laughing started to get louder and louder and eventually Amy gave up trying to get the door open. She sat in the corner with her hands over her ears saying “it’s just your imagination,” over and over again.

She then heard a noise from outside. It sounded like a car door shutting. Amy then ran over to the window were she was just able to see her aunt step out of the car. Then she heard someone say “Its time for us to go now, but we will be back. ” She quickly turned round and walked over to the castle of boxes. She looked inside. The dolls were still there. One of them winked at her and then the rest of them burst out laughing, but luckily for her as soon as her aunt rang the door bell the loft door flew open. Amy then ran out of the loft and ran down the stairs as fast as she could.

Her aunt wondered why she was in such a hurry to get home but Amy just said she had homework to do. Amy then ran out the house into the garden. She then paused, turned round and looked up at the loft window. She could see shadows moving about, but as soon as Amy saw that she ran as fast as she could home. After that Amy never set foot in her aunt’s house again. Whenever she was asked to baby-sit or her family were invited to dinner, she would always say she was not feeling very well. Amy had not seen the dolls since and hopes she never will.