The Devil and Mrs Prym

“There were two things that prevent us from achieving our dreams: believing them to be impossible or seeing those dreams made possible u some sudden turn of the wheel of fortune when you least expect it. People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.” Through this line, the author of The Devil and Miss Prym is successfully trying to describe the reason on why our dreams and desires don’t become reality. When you boil it down it is because of fear. The first reason he mentions has to do with the fear of failing to reach the goal and either being judged for your failure or not having anything to make of your life afterward. The second reason listed has to do with fear of change. Although people say they want everything to change, when it does they just want life to go back to how it was. Human nature desires a status quo. The book shows this mostly in the life of Chantel. “…here she was with a gold bar in her hands, the treasure she had never believed in, her definite freedom. She was seized by panic.” Chantel had dreamed of getting away from the little town she lived in her whole life but when she finally had the chance to run away and have a life set for her, she hesitated and walked away. She was afraid that something would go wrong and it would turn out to be worse than her life currently was. She didn’t believe in herself and she didn’t trust what the future held for her if she chased her dream. I believe this is extremely relevant in our society nowadays. Everyone is making plans and talks of all these big dreams but when push comes to shove they are too scared of either failing or accomplishing what they want to even try. Often times they blame it on the fact that they don’t have the money or time but in reality, they don’t have the courage.

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Is Chantel the heroine of the story?

Although it is hard to give a definite yes or no answer to this question, I do believe that Chan…