The daughter of Calvin Zabo, also known as

The daughter of Calvin Zabo, also known as Mister Hyde and Jennifer Johnson, an inhuman prostitute, Daisy was given up for adoption straight after being born. She was adopted a couple months afterwards by the Sutter family and she grew up with them not knowing the truth about her parentage. The Sutters were a nice pair and they treated her nicely, although it all came crashing down when her inhumans powers materialized in a store after she had stolen a couple CDs, causing an earthquake that brought down the store.After the store incident she was approached by SHIELD (or rather, she was taken in by them) and she was interrogated by their director, one Nick Fury. He offered her the chance to join SHIELD so she could learn how to control her powers. All she had to do was be loyal to him and him alone. She accepted it, but only after he explained the reason why she had said powers in the first place. It turns out that her parents were not who she thought they were and that her powers came from her mother’s inhuman side. The only reason why she had not needed terrigenesis was because of her father’s experiments on his own DNA, bypassing the need to go through the mist.She remained loyal to Fury as she promised and due to her efforts and commitment she was given a level 10 clearance in SHIELD at the mere age of seventeen, basically only answering to Fury. That remained so until he had to be taken out of the organization and he was replaced by Maria Hill. The new Director saw the loyalty Daisy had towards Fury and put her out of active duty to avoid any problem that such allegiance might pose against the organization.During this time, she briefly helped the Avengers in fighting against Magneto, although despite her interest in joining, she was not allowed into the team, much to her disappointment. Eventually she was reached out by Fury once more and he tasked her with assembling a team to help defend the world from the coming Skrull threat. She would go on to recruit several superhumans, calling the team the Secret Warriors.The fight was eventually taken to Hydra, with the Secret Warriors joining forces with Fury’s other caterpillar teams to fight them. During this time she grew close to her teammate, Hellfire, but the man turned out to be a secret agent for Hydra and Fury ended up killing him in response. Daisy found out shortly after their confrontation with their enemies, being distraught by the betrayal and the fact that the team was disbanded. Following this, she took some time off from SHIELD, heading to Hawaii to let things calm down in her life, although she was eventually reached out by her teammates and they decided to start the Warriors again.She also went to Sweden and helped Captain America fight Sin, bringing down the castle she was in along with some villains and heroes, luckily for them nobody got hurt and they were able to stop the woman from causing anymore trouble. After that, Steve Rogers restarted SHIELD and appointed her as Director, although her time as such was short given the fact that she was forced to renounce the position after killing a UN nation leader they had been tasked with taking out, with Maria Hill taking charge of the organization once more after that happened.To avoid further troubles, she had part of her memory blocked, the part that knew all that had happened buried under layers of protection before she was allowed to leave SHIELD.