The business functions do they support? How do

The Mobile Pocket Office Case Study


1.     What kinds of applications are described
here? What business functions do they support? How do they improve operational
efficiency and decision making?
Different applications such as the web browser and the email/ messaging machine
are described in this article. These applications are used for document sharing,
collaborations, sales, order processing, inventory management and productions monitoring.

The applications increase the productivity of each business as the applications
are machines work fast in organizing and recognizing information. Therefore,
improving to make decision making and efficiency of the business.


2.     Identify the problems that business in this
case study solved by using mobile digital devices.

Business like Sonic Automotive is one of
the largest automotive retailers in the united states. Managers and employees
complete their work using devices such as the iPhone and iPad to speed up sales
and services. Virtual lot, an application Sonic Automotive developed, allow
associates to quickly search for vehicles in the inventory. The digital
applications help the business become more organized and increasing
productivity. Also, the mobile app SKF allows engineers and customers to access
more than 500 pieces of products. Usually, it takes about one month for SKF to
complete each audit. However, with the use of the application’s and its easy
access for the information, it can instantly create the audit.


3.     What kinds of business are most likely to
benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices such as
iPhone and iPad?

Manufacturing companies and retail store are
most likely to benefit from using digital devices. manufacturing companies
would have to keep in data of how much they have in inventory, with the use of
the digital devices, they could quickly grab the information or update the
information there. They could also use GPS tracking applications to follow up
of the products that are needed.  As for
retail stores, using the digital devices benefits in advertising the store.

Using applications like Instagram or Facebook, the retail store could quickly
snap pictures of promotions or post any announcements of the social media page
and gain in customers. This could also potentially create a good customer
service relationship as they are interacting with their target audience.


4.     One company deploying iPhone has said, “The
iPhone is not a game changer, its an industry changer. It changes the way that
you can interact with your customers” and “with your supplier.” Discuss the
implications of this statement.
With devices like iPhone, it has changed the way you interact with your
customer. There are many social media platforms which companies could now reach
out to their customers with. Customers could easily contact the companies
through those application rather than having to step into the store/ business
in an inconvenient time and asking for information.