The both positive and negative socially, economically, and

The effects of European colonization on Africa were both positive and negative socially, economically, and politically. Christianity, which achieved more religious mission openings, contributed to a portion of the positive effects. Education was introduced to Africa by missionaries. Mission schools were built to instruct the nearby individuals and helped them to take in more about their country and culture. The Europeans safeguarded the Africans against their adversaries or gave them weapons to empower them. The people of Africa learned to shield themselves at whatever point they were assaulted. This way they felt more secure. The Europeans conveyed new innovation to Africa. They were given instruments for cultivating and presented new yields like maize and manioc from the New World. Numerous Africans took in the dialects of their provincial bosses like English, French and Portuguese which has given them more preferred standpoint to have the capacity to impart in the present globalized world with no challenges. Expansionism additionally made the world mindful of Africa’s rich culture. A portion of the negative impacts are that the Africans were taken as slaves to the new world and forced to work away at plantations without pay. In Africa, the Europeans took away land from the Africans to establish more plantations for the consumption of more money. The African culture was weakened, customs were taken away and their lifestyles were crushed. The African custom religion was additionally decimated because of the presentation of Christianity, they constrained the general population to take in their dialect, showed them how to eat European sustenance and dress like Europeans relinquishing their own particular customary method for dietary patterns and dressing and the spread of destructive ailments. The Europeans took away a large portion of their assets particularly gold, precious stones, ivory and rural essential items. This never gave the Africans the chance to figure out how to utilize their own assets for improvement. European colonialism displaced Africa. It took a continent  and redivided it on each conceivable level from government to social collaborations. It caused change that is still felt today. The turmoil is still completely dynamic. Wars are battled between Africans that can be followed back straightforwardly to the European colonization.