The as exposing information that some governments hide

The current increase of various kinds of piracy is a sign of
the kind of world in which we live in today, thanks to globalization. Although we
mostly hear about the cyber-criminals, it is worthy to note that there are what
some like to call good hackers. Several of these groups have specific
objectives, such as eliminating child pornography sites or scams, as well as
exposing information that some governments hide from public opinion.          

Hidden Lynx is a group of paid hackers that provides a
complete and personalized service of attack methods to carry out specific tasks
such as gathering information from a wide range of both corporate and
government targets. Attackers take advantage of “zero-day”
vulnerabilities and employ techniques such as “watering hole” to
ambush targets or victims in the supply chain to later reach their real

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Hidden Lynx is not limited to a small set of targets, but can
attack hundreds of different organizations in many different countries, even at
the same time. Given the wide range and number of targets and countries
involved, it is very likely that the organization is comprised of between 50
and 100 professional hackers that operate from China, hired by many clients to
obtain different types of information. The group seems to steal whatever may be
of interest to their customers upon request. Hence the great variety of targets,
but most of them being in the United States.

Hidden Lynx is an aggressive, sophisticated and determined
group. It has the ability to attack some of the most protected organizations in
the world through the use of state-of-the-art techniques. In June 2012, this
group compromised the security of the Bit9’s digital signature code as a
strategy to reach its final objectives. Symantec Corp, said the group, which
was called “Hidden Lynx”, was one of the most technically advanced of
several dozen other groups that are believed to be part of China’s cyber
espionage operations. Unlike a previous report from another company, Symantec
did not accuse the Chinese government of participating in any cyber-attacks.
The company said its researchers believed Hidden Lynx could have been involved
in the 2009 Operation Aurora attacks, the most well-known cyber espionage
campaign discovered to date against American companies. In February 2010, Dmitri
Alperovitch was the first to discover the key details of these attacks, he
believed that Symantec’s conclusions were generally accurate. Alperovitch, who
is CTO of the cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, said his company has also
linked Operation Aurora and other attacks made by Hidden Lynx as a high-level
breach at the RSA security company of EMC Corp in 2011. CrowdStrike has not
shared this information publicly because the company makes money by selling its
own research to customers, he said.