The and Prejudice” it followed in 1813 with

The book “Pride and Prejudice”
is one of Jane Austin’s most famous books. What is not particularly well
known is that the title “Pride and Prejudice” is
not the original one. Instead the original title of the book was “First Impressions”.
Although the book “Pride and Prejudice” was the first written by Jane Austin it
was not the first to be published. The book titled “Sense and Sensibility” was
the one that published first in 1811, while “Pride and Prejudice” it followed
in 1813 with changes in the title and plot. Originally, Austen gave to her
novel the name “First Impression”, but after “Sense and sensibility”, her
publisher request for her to use the same alliteration, noun-and-noun, to
create a title for the second novel. But the question is, is the final title,
the right choice.    

There are different views on whether it was right to
replace the first title with the second and what is most suitable to
characterize the book. Starting with the “first impression”. Many claims that
the first title is more appropriate for this book. First impressions are what
the novel really is about. The novel is based on the protagonist of the book,
Elizabeth and what her impressions are about the people she has decided to
associate with. Elisabeth’s first impressions of Mr. Darcy, who is Mr. Bingle’s
friend and Mr. Wickham, end up being completely opposite of what she thought and
totally wrong. The first contact of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth became at the ball and
her opinion was consistent with the opinion of the rest of the world who
consider him as an egoist, arrogant and miserable person. On the other hand, Darcy
thinks he is too good to dance with any of the girls at the dance because he’s
very proud to dance with someone with someone who does
not have the same social stand with him. This annoys Elizabeth, who happens to
listen to Darcy’s conversation with Mr. Bingley. Darcy refused to dance with her
because she is not as beautiful as Jane. Referring to Elizabeth Darcy says,
“She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me; and I am in no humorous
at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men” (Chapter

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When Elizabeth met Wickham, she had a very good
opinion about him, as it appears from the writer’s description at the first
meeting with Elisabeth, “His appearance was greatly in his favor; he had
all the best part of beauty, a good face, a good figure, and a very pleasing
address. “(Chapter 15). She thought he was a very good man, polite and
according to his words he was unappreciated from Darcy, who ruined his life and
made him to become an officer.  She
thinks very highly of Wickham and believes he is a victim in Darcy’s plan to
ruin Wickham’s life. But as she found out afterwards the impression she had for
both of those men were wrong and superficial. Specifically, Wickham ended up
being a liar, as what he claimed was a lie but also a gambler with great debt
and a man who infatuate naive girls, such as Lydia, without consider the consequences.
In contrast to Darcy despite the negative opinion she had about him, turned out
to be a man with pure emotions and for her and for his friends. She also
discovered from her aunt that Darcy was the man who saved her family from shame
by paying Wickham to marry Lydia, and she is thankful and after that her opinion
for Darcy change.

Lizzy but also Mr. Darcy they are both characterized
by pride and prejudice, which has led them to cause misunderstandings and which
have put their relationship in danger. That’s why a lot of people think that
pride and prejudice is the right title for this book. The main character of the
book Darcy and Elizabeth characterized by prejudice, because both choose to
form an opinion for each other from their first meeting but also from their own
preconceived thoughts because of the class dispute, Elisabeth is not suitable for
Darcy to marry her, but also Elizabeth thinks that he is a snob and superficial
man. When they meet for the first time, Elizabeth has
rushed to judge Darcy and her pride in retaining her first perceptions prevents
recognition of the good side to him, thus proving pride and prejudice

?hen both understand that they have misunderstood each
other, but their pride and especially Elizabeth’s does not allow her to give in
, unlike Darcy who understand he was wrong and that she loves her and  propose to her. But Elizabeth reject his
proposal because she does not want to admit that she made a mistake and
misunderstood Darcy. However, as the novel comes to its peak, the two
protagonists recognize their faults and their mistakes, leave behind their
false pride and egos and eventually end up being freer, without pride and prejudice.


To conclude, I think
that even though first impressions plays a very important role in the plot of
the novel the right title is the last one – pride and prejudice- because the
novel shows clearly that many times people either want it or not show their
pride and prejudice when they know someone for the first time. Also, through
this title, the character of the protagonists and what will follow is clearly
shown, but it also characterizes the society and the life of that period.