The a cabinet, with many other different executives

The Texas Constitution is
divided into three separate branches, the judicial, executive and legislative
Branch each branch is unique in their own way. I will be addressing some
changes that can be made to the Texas branches.

            The Texas Executive branch limits power of the governor
by equally distributing power to the chief executive and many other political
leaders. The governor is often the nominal head of his party in the state of Texas.
But this doesn’t offset the institutional political base other executives possesses.
As a result, the executive branch lacks a cabinet, with many other different executives
and their agencies often pursuing multiple goals.  The Texas executive branch lacks a cabinet,
and with a cabinet we need it to help the governor on his duties to advise him
on each of the member’s subject relating to the duties of each member’s
respective office making the it and easier job for the governor.

            The Judicial branch of the government of Texas includes
the court system of the state and the judicial agencies, like office of court
administration. Its purpose is to interpret the law and be able to resolve legal
actions. It is also one the smallest branches of the state government. The judicial
branch needs to be more fair and equal to the people for example capital
punishment: capital cases are mostly used as a weapon not as a shield for
individual against the power of the government. It isn’t used for justice under
law. And certainly not equal justice as well. The court system needs to be
fixed where there can be a solution besides killing the person that is just
making the definition of justice look bad by ending someone else’s life. A
solution can be sentence to prison for life without actually killing the person
the judicial branch need to be more fair.

            The legislative branch of Texas is one of the most
powerful branch state government, for its aggressive use of the power and
activities of the Texas government. Its composed of the upper and lower chamber,
the Texas state senate, and Texas house of representatives. The legislative
branch needs to fix the Texas schools budget, with the budget cut that the
republican lawmakers did schools have less stuff to work with less to learn
with and then not enough teachers for the students to learn from and more delays
due to critical building maintenance. So what we need the legislative branch to
do is to put money back into schools to give students education and a better environment
for the students to learn and give teachers a place to teach.