Term Project

I am not going to limit myself to this for time building though.

I plan on using some of the contacts I have been making and taking seasonal work in any area I can. After which I am looking at a few different options. Possibly applying to TOTEMS in Alaska or Hillcrest Aviation in Idaho. These tentative plans are not set in stone and as is usual they will probably end up being put to the wayside when the time comes by offers and opportunities that happen in the real world. For the sake of this project I’ll fantasize that we have that much control over our future.In ten years I would like to be flying in a medium utility electorate like the Bell 412 doing lifting work or possibly a light utility doing power line work or firefighting. Job Flower Skills Self Motivated Adaptive Self Reliant Professional Persevering Versatile Geography Montana Idaho Utah Northern Arizona Alaska Interests General Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Logging Survival Specialist Forestry Fire fighting People Your three-letter code: R I S One sentence describing these three letters: I would like to work with realistic people who solve problems, help people and are skilled with words.

Values 1 . Served/Helped others 2. Did what they said couldn’t be done.

3. Made something work where others failed. 4. Wisdom/Compassion 5. Brought people closer together 6.

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Carried out orders/Finished projects Working conditions 1 . Adventurous Work 2. Freedom to think outside the box 3. My achievements are acknowledged 4.

High level of Autonomy 5. Appealing future positions Resume & Cover Letter From: Jacob Cline 42580 NW cedar canyon Rd. Banks, or 97106 Mobile 503-312-2079 [email protected] Mom To: Ryan McCarty Hillsboro Aviation 3565 EN Cornell Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 648-2831 Dear Mr..

McCarty, 26 May 2012 I’m seeking a flight instructor position with Hillsboro Aviation. I am excited about taking my first step into the world of commercial Aviation. I have around 250 hours Military and enjoy working with other Veterans. During the past two years Vive been working towards my Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with Hillsboro Aviation through Portland Community Collage.I’m particularly interested in working with the Hillsboro Aviation because of your location near my Banks home, your high standards of instruction, your commitment to providing your customers with the highest quality training and your focus on safety and sense of community I have come to enjoy. My resume is attached. If you’d like any additional information, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely, Jacob Cline Jacob David Cline 42580 NW cedar canyon Road Banks, Oregon 97106-7000 503-312-2079 cell [email protected] Mom Flight time 70 hours, Private Oratorical Pilots License Experience: Hillsboro Aviation, Hillsboro, OR Dispatcher Dispatching aircraft, tracking and verifying all school flights, customer service, billing, maintenance tracking and implementation, scheduling, taking weekend phone calls, cleaning and organization of pilot lounge and dispatch area. Ash Grove, Portland OR Mechanic, Welder/Fabricator Unload and loading of materials, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, systems re-engineering, upgrade, installation, and operation. Wrote standard operating procedures for key systems.

Instrumental in new facility start up at ship terminal. Trained and supervised 10 new employees, night ship unload supervisor, go to man for the facility. Iron Arts, Hereford, AZ Welder/Fabricator Read and interpret blueprints, assembly, Job estimates, installation, modifications to existing work and finish work, training of new employees, payments, cash logs, and custom fabrication Jobs requiring one-on-one engineering with customer.

Auto-zone, Sierra Vista AZ Customer Service Specialist Parts, troubleshooting, diagnostic’s, inventory management. U. S. Army, Ft.Hachure, AZ Personnel Services Personnel accountability, awards, records, promotions and supervision. Squad Leader, Primary Leadership Development Course. Brigade Personnel Accountability Sergeant. Warrant Officer Flight Trainee Candidate.

U. S. Army, Ft. Beeping, GA Personnel Accountability for 1600+ soldiers. Gave regular training to Battalion level personnel.

Operations and equipment maintenance for YMMV. Deployed as Personnel numbers cruncher for Brigade, trained two Captains and a Major. Attended Air Assault School becoming proficient in Helicopter Sling-load operations.Attended competitive Promotion Board and scored highest of seven attendees. Education: 2012 Associates in Aviation Science-Portland Community Collage 2003 Vocational Certification Welding Technology Cochise County College Timepiece High school Human Resources Questions 1 . How would your supervisor describe you? 1997 A hard working and loyal employee who is not afraid to take the initiative and has a reputation for reliability. . Do you have a temper? In the past I have been known to have a temper.

I have come to learn that what I do with my temper is what defines me… Owe I direct that energy. 3. Give an example of a time in an aircraft you were aware and alert, and are glad you were.

During a cross country solo flight I was flying over independence. I noticed during my approach to the field airspace that there was an aircraft in the air but no calls being made. I double checked my frequency before making my first call. After calling my inbound and intentions the other aircraft called out ‘right downwind runway 16’. I responded with a ‘ 5 miles out for a midfield crossing and right downwind for runway’.

After further observation I noticed the other aircraft was not in fact headed north in a right down wind for 16 but south in a left downwind for 34. My next radio call was a ‘crossing the numbers at 16 and departing the area. I wanted that guy in my sight every second I could have him there and then fast fading behind me. Had I taken my attentions elsewhere the timing would have had me in a head on with the ultrahigh whom had made the erroneous call. 4. What is good customer service? ‘ believe DOD customer service is making the customer believe they are welcome in your capabilities by showing a true intention to meet or exceed their needs.

. What are your three greatness’s? -Ingenuity -Tenacity -loyalty 6. What is one thing you could improve in your life? How do you list Just one? If I had to choose one it would be my humility. 7. How do you define professionalism? -Professionalism is the characteristic that allows you to do your Job in an efficient , curious and competent manner under any circumstance or condition. Give an example of a time in an aircraft you were not aware and alert, and wish you had en.

The one time I can recall not paying attention to the aircraft was early in my private license training.I was not paying close attention to the gauges and I found myself loosing TTL going into a 2500 foot hover and I had to nose over and gain some close tabs on the whole situation and making sure I knew it while keeping me straight in the headset but I will never forget the one time I stopped flying in midair. 8.

How do you relieve stress? I relieve stress in a few different ways. Usually I tend to get my hands dirty if I’m stressed. I like Gardening or working in my shop at home. I think the last time I was really stressed out I cleaned and organized my entire shop in 3 hours. . Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself flying shuttle to and from an oil rig or doing long line work in a light utility capacity. Either one of these two Jobs requires an efficient operator who pays attention to detail and can do the Job safely.

10. What is your best and worst asset? My best asset is my ability to complete the Job in a safe manner no matter what the obstacle. I have been on Jobs where a simple 2 step process gets diverted into an all ay project that may not get done if your not rolling with the punches.No matter what comes up you Just have to remember to take things one step at a time. They are not ‘Set-backs”, they are a multitasking Joy. My worst asset is attempting to always be likable by other people.

Sometime I work so hard to get along with people in a positive light that it distracts from the Job at hand. 11. What would you do if you saw your captain/Pl/CFML drinking alcohol less than 8 hours before a flight? I would be forced to confront them in private and cancel, replace them or reschedule the flight or a later time. 12.

How do you resolve differences with other employees or supervisors?With any difference of opinion the first thing to do is to find out what the root of the problem is. Once you have done this by talking to the other person then you can resolve it sometimes Just from gaining a better understanding of the other persons point of view. If that fails then the other option is to compromise and stick to the solution you both come up with. 13. How should customers be treated? The easiest way for me to reconcile how to treat a customer is to put myself in their hoes and treat them how I would like to be treated if I were in their shoes.This has never failed to make a customer happy. Even if I have done all I can do and its not enough sometimes you can satisfy them with the knowledge that you took every opportunity to try and serve their needs.

14. Why should we hire you? My unique and diverse set of life experiences would be an asset to your company by showing professionalism, technical competence and sound Judgment at all times. I dedicate myself completely to my places of employment and have never failed to improve and maintain the reputations of my past employers. 5. What is a decision you made that is bad, or one that you regret?During one of my first nights as night shift supervisor at Ash Grove my crew was unloading a shipload of cement.

We were well into the cargo hold and at a point where I felt comfortable leaving them on cruise control while I completed some rail car loading and pushed the cars to the southern portion of the terminal. While I was away one of my crew; who did not agree with me being his supervisor because of his superior age; made the decision to move to the next hold prematurely. When I returned the Captain of the ship had mom down on deck to find out why we wanted to move the ship to the next hold before the current one was left unfinished.I immediately had the crew finish the unattended to increase overall efficiency again. Next time I will have a trusted member of my team do the ‘Extra’ work even if it is distasteful.

15. Tell me about an unfortunate situation you encountered, and what you did about it. While working for a International Cement Importer I came in to work to find our rail unload destroyed by a rail car that had derailed while being spotted into our facility. I immediately informed the terminal manager and begun a cursory investigation using my knowledge of the facility to deduct the cause of the accident.By the time my manager and the U. S.

Marshal’s (Rail yards/lamppost are Federal Jurisdictions) showed up I had gathered all the key indicators and taken notes to provide the authorities with the relevant factors unique to our facility to include in their investigation. 16. What is something you wish you could do better? I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I believe everyone should be afforded a certain level of trust upfront, with heir actions after that point either increasing that trust or decreasing it.I believe that sometimes this makes me vulnerable to those who would take advantage of that.

I wish I could better Distinguish those who have a lack of character upfront. 17. Do you find it difficult to apply yourself to a task if it does not help you achieve your personal goals? No, I do however find it difficult to do a Job with less than a thorough approach, even when the task at hand is less than critical. I was taught that if it’s worth doing the Job, it’s worth doing it right.

18. How do you feel about unfinished org? Unfinished work is one of my pet peeves.I can’t abide leaving things undone. I have stayed after work on several occasions to ensure that the work for the day was done in order to make sure I could sleep that night! 19.

How do you deal with distasteful tasks? My view of distasteful tasks is from the perspective that somebody has to do them and I would rather do quickly and efficiently them then see them done improperly or incompletely. My father showed me time and again that the tasks that seem the dirtiest or most distasteful are usually the ones that hold up the rest of the operation n their shoulders. 0. Tell me about a time when you had to follow a policy or procedure you did not agree with. More often than once I have been forced to bill a customer for a flight that was canceled during run-up because of maintenance issues. I would much rather bill the run-up straight to the aircraft But the school directors policy is to bill the customer and send them to his office to correct the situation. I am always sure to explain the situation completely to the customer and ensure them that the situation will be taken care of by the school director.

21 .Describe a time when you did not follow a procedure and learned from it. The only times I can remember knowingly not following procedures was trying to cut corners in Basic training. I cannot remember a specific situation as it was a long time ago but I will never forget that it never turned out well for me.

I can say that I learned a long time ago that procedures are in place for a reason. We may not know why all the time but what I do know is someone learned the hard way and then outlined the right way to avoid similar mistakes in the future. 22.Have you ever had a conflict with a co- rocker or friend? How did you resolve it? I have had conflicts in the past with people I do not see eye to eye with and no matter who or what the situation I have learned the best way to avoid and/or resolve them is to talk about them with the individual. Is necessary to break down the communication barrier that is preexisting between two people. 33.

What motivates you? Thinking of a Job well done and booing able to stand back and have a look at what was accomplished in the day. It’s not Just what motivates me but it also helps me sleep at night.I cannot sleep if I have wasted a day. I must also admit that I thrive on recognition.

34. Define loyalty. Loyalty is the ability to be trusted by those who you owe your allegiance to. It is a difficult characteristic to define and at the same time I live my life by this virtue. 35.

Define reliability. Reliability is being a person that there is no doubt about whether or not you will get the Job done on time and within budget every time. It means when people look to you they have no doubt in their minds that what they ask of you will be done.

36. Define integrity.Integrity is the ability to do what is right no matter who is looking. 7. What was the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced? My toughest challenge I face every day. It is living up to my own standards.

38. What was the toughest part about your last Job? Feeling that their were no more challenges left at the Job. I have a very hard time with doing the same Job over and over every day. With aviation there are no two days that have the same conditions. 39. How do you define success? Success means finding a place where you are happy with your life.

Money, power and materiel things do not denote success. 0. Where could you use some improvement? I could be more saw when it comes to business sense. I am too trusting in humanity sometimes. 41 . Tell me something negative you’ve heard about our company? I have heard a lot about noise complaints and the effects is may have on the surrounding environment. 42. If you won a 10 million dollar lottery, would you still work? Yes, how else would I Justify buying a Bell 412? 43.

How do you define wealth? Wealth is the ability to recognize all the things you are blessed with. 44. Give me an example of your creativity?Every problem I faced in my last position as a Mechanic/Welder/Fabricator my boss allowed me to present him with possible re-working ideas and implement them as I saw fit to enable the facility to be more efficient. 45. What could you do to improve your career process? Improve my researching skills in order to streamline each step of my progression. Understanding more fully the experience requirements for each step will help me not waste energy trying to achieve goals that are unrealistic because of inexperience.

46. Looking back what would you do different? I don’t believe in looking back to change anything.Our mistakes and wrong decisions are the ingredients that make us who we are. With out each and every mistake how could you possibly be the experienced person you are? 47. What are your outside interests? I enjoy Camping with my family, Fishing, Hiking, Gardening, Sport Shooting, Off reading, Exploring new places and anything else set in the outdoors and adventure I am starting a part time Job working for a Shipping company. The work is unloading sea going vessels of their bulk cargo. Running cranes, vacuum arms, loaders, bobcats, and any other equipment necessary to unload anywhere from 10,000-40,000 tons of cargo from a single vessel.

The Job title is called stevedore. 9. Can you work under pressure? Once I have become confident with a Job and what is required of me while performing it pressure is my best friend. I usually perform better while under the influence of a good source pressure. 50.

What is the longest period that you have worked in a day? I have worked in excess of 24 hours in the line of work before. The military was my first experience with this type of Job. I also did this a few other times while working for Ash Grove. While unloading ships if you are behind schedule you can be charged as much as $1000 an hour if your behind.Company #1 : Hillsboro Aviation History Founded in 1980, back when the company was called Hillsboro Helicopters; it began as a one-helicopter flight school in Hillsboro. As Hillsboro changed with the introduction of several large technology companies, Hillsboro Helicopters steadily built its business. In 1992, Deed Cooley purchased the company. When Cooley purchased the company, Max Lyons was hired as the GM and vice president responsible for operations.

Lyons comes from a fourth-generation lumber family, and his first involvement with the helicopter industry came in 1974 as a ground crew ember for a Scissors S-64 Skyscrapers.His flying career began when he enrolled in Hillsboro Aviation’s helicopter professional pilot program. In 1988, Hillsboro Aviation hired Lyons as a helicopter flight instructor and the manager of its foreign student pilot program. Later, Lyons became a charter pilot flying turbine helicopters for a variety of operations. Lyons and Cooley, a Harvard Business School graduate, took the formerly pilot-owned school into the world of business philosophy, implementing large company practices to help track and increase growth.

The company expanded TTS portfolio to include a sales and service division and a charter division. In 1996, the company name was changed to Hillsboro Aviation, Inc. To better reflect the full scope of the company’s services. After leading the organization for seven years as its general manager, Lyons purchased Hillsboro Aviation from Cooley and became its president and CEO. Today, Hillsboro Aviation employs over 180 people and is made up of three core business groups which consist of 14 separate profit centers. The company’s fleet includes approximately 75 aircraft that fly in excess of 55,000 flight ours annually.

Hillsboro Aviation has established its position as a U. S. Leader in training schools in the U. S. With thousands of graduates from over 75 countries. Its charter division operates a fleet of Bell helicopters and Hawker Beseechers King Airs throughout the U. S.

Hillsboro Aviation is Bell Helicopter’s only U. S. Independent Representative and is also a dealer for the Robinson Helicopter Company and the Cessna Aircraft Company. Hillsboro Aviation also provides aircraft maintenance and avionics services, FOB fueling, aircraft parts and pilot supplies.With an average of 20 recent annual growth over a 16 year period, Hillsboro Aviation continues to be an influential leader in the general aviation industry. Hiring Requirements Domiciles & Aircraft Flown I could be based at either the Hillsboro Location or the Troubled location. At either of the locations I could fly the ROR and ROR. I could also fly the Schweitzer CAB if I was located at Hillsboro.

Application or Application Process Informational Interview #1 Speaker’s name: Dane Larson Speaker’s contact info: 971-322-8892 Companies they’ve worked for, or want to work for in the future: US Forest Service,Hillsboro Aviation, General Construction Contractor How they got their current Job: Trained here, Applied, Got Job in dispatch, proved himself over time as a dependable hard working employee. What they like most, and least, about their Job: Likes flying the most and also seeing progression in students. Hates the abundance of paperwork to be done. Other contact(s) that could tell you about their company: Ca Keller, Rusty Knutson, Shasta Severe, Lethe Davis, Eric Norton What the interview was like: It was a relaxed interview with an easy exchange of thoughts and remarks.We were done very quickly because of the ease of the flow of information. Your additional questions, and a summary of the rest of your conversation: Not much else was said we were both in the middle of a busy day and went our separate ways as soon as we finished the interview.

Interview Gouge #1 Also with Dane Larsen, Who did the interviewing, Wayne Moore, Ryan McCarty, Marcus Grudge. Where it was, Wane’s office then Ryan’s office and Marcus did his extended interview in the conference room. How long it took, 1-2 hours.

Whether there was a written test, No written.Whether there was a flight or simulator test, No flight or Simi test. 141 checkout with Greg Bartlett after he was hired and went on a flight for a checkout. What kind of technical questions were asked, Wayne Moore asked some Aerodynamic hazards, Ryan asked some get to know you questions and Marcus focused on student handling techniques. What kind of human resources questions were asked. Not really, most Weston were directly related to Hillsboro Operations.

Informational Interview #2 Speaker’s name: Eric Norton Speaker’s contact info: 970-471-4795 Companies they’ve worked for, or want to work for in the future: SUMS, Collage for