“Tell I may not remember. Involve me, and


“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I
may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.” – Old Native Americans


Learning is a constant process that is happening in our
lives. Hence, my teaching philosophy is a statement of views developed through
my experience as a preceptor for nursing students and new graduates on the
ward. My philosophy is to create an environment that allows for supervised
exploration, by including active learning, respecting the learner and
continuous improvements of ones teaching process. I believe that this leads to
a better understanding for the learner, gains engagement and confidence from
the learner and encourages the learner to connect with experience.

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Active learning

I believe that it is important to provide learners with a
relevant setting, which is realistic so that the skills and knowledge gained is
relevant to future similar clinical situations. I believe that learners, when
placed in a setting that is realistic and meaningful, are able to connect their
clinical experience to their theory knowledge. To help the learner connect the
two during a realistic setting, I allow for a healthy level of anxiety by
asking the learner questions and determining their knowledge of the situation. However,
providing a safe setting for the learner is essential to allow the learner to
feel empowered to push out of their comfort zones when developing their skills.


Respecting the learner

Engaging the learner is critical. I believe that in an educator-learner
relationship, each role has the influence for a successful educational
encounter. I believe that respect is an important aspect between the educator
and learner, and is vital to the learning process. As an educator I would
approach each learner by first assessing the needs of the learner, adjusting my
approach/deliver to each learner and providing a safe and nurturing learning
environment. As an educator I will need to quickly correct and accept my
mistakes as they occur. I also believe that providing the learner with honesty
about expectations, achievements and mistakes, is the key to respect, which
will provide an ideal learning outcome.


Continuous improvement of ones teaching process

Part of my philosophy of teaching comes from the need to
meet the requirements of the learner. Each student nurse and graduate nurse I
have facilitated has allowed me to experiment with blending different learning
needs and teaching approaches. Each encounter has shown me room for improvement,
the essentials needed to learn and ways to preventing the error from
reoccurring. Therefore, I believe that it is vital to continuously assess,
accept feedback and reflect on ones teaching methods. By doing so I believe I
will be able to meet the needs of the learner.


I believe that these three approaches will help to create a
supervised exploration environment for learners that I feel most comfortable
with. I believe asking the learner questions, determining what they know and
why they chose a specific course of action. I believe that resisting the need
to provide them with answer, but instead helping work towards an answer.
Developing on what they know and helping them determine their own capability to
solve problems. I believe with this approach it will empower the learner to
take the necessary in the learning process.