Technology bridge that connects you and I like

Technology has been with us for quite a
while now and it has been the bridge that connects you and I like never before,
we now live in a cloud filled with ideas and identity that enriches us in our
daily experiences and moving us as one. I on the other hand am just a small
aspect of this shared consciousness, I am no different from any other
individual but it is my values and vision that creates my individuality. I am
well committed to explore my own limits and ready to exceed my own

I have been heavily driven to computing
for a period now and it has been a game changer for me as it not only entices
me it also became a pastime for me. It gave me great sense of achievement and
self-fulfillment that made me eager to carry on and not just scratch the
surface but learning towards more in depth. I personally am a self-disciplined
and independent learner; I do not give up easily when I am seeking answers nor
will I hesitate to clarify any doubts. I am always ready for challenges and I
trust that I am ready for my next academic step.

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During my time in Polytechnic, I have
constantly been reading up and researching on the minuscule things that my
lecturers did not cover and it benefited me knowledgeably in many ways. During
my involvement in the final year project, it let me experience the importance
of managing and tackling problems of many sorts. It also helped build my
cohesion skills with my team members during the different phases of the
project. In addition, I was able to achieve four Director’s Roll of Honour and
a Module Prize in iPhone Programming during the time of study. Thanks to these
experiences, it gave me a better insight of my own motivation and passion
because with this I seek another, great, opportunity to further my proficiency
in computing.

I followed my internship in MRM//McCann
Singapore as a junior developer and the time there has been very instructive
for me. I managed to hone my social skills with my colleagues and the opportunity
for me to propel by receiving practical exposure to the actuality of the
working world was unexcelled. This internship has built my ability to think
critically and analyse situation holistically as well as improve my competency
to work in a multicultural environment. I felt very fortunate that MRM//McCann
Singapore has gave me the opportunity and also the experiences they instilled
in me.

Academic aside, I have also been
involved with a handful of co-curricular activities. I am a member of Singapore
Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe where I did stage performance of
different scale in Singapore; my role was not always an actor as we are a group
of multiverse people where we teach and learn from one another to enhance our
productions. I am also a person who is in love with extreme sports due to the
fact that it gives me lots of thrill and excitement which lead me to participated
in Outward Bound Singapore where it trained me to become a young leader and a
strong team player. Adding on, I have achieved Gold award for Singapore youth
Festival in 2003. My interest in these activities makes me unique and helps
develop me spiritually.

Given these points, I am absolutely
eager to be accepted by National University of Singapore in order to advance my
knowledge and prove myself. Technology is fast and rapidly evolving to
compensate for our needs and I foresee the endless possibilities of what this
field has to offer so I would want to make my potential endless likewise.