Technology be awake and alert. This could stop

Technology has advanced more in the last 20 years than it ever has before. With the rise of smartphones and the internet the world had never been more connected but we have never been more alone. Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, while the dinner table conversations and going out with friends are becoming a thing of the past. Humanity’s addiction to technology is making the future and is changing the world but it might not all be fun and games.With the average household having more than one laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet, a smart tv and not to mention the people living their owning a smartphone and a smartwatch of some kind. The average person in one day spends close to 9 hours on their phones, laptops, TVs. That’s more time than the average person would spend sleeping and for teens it’s even worse. They spend around 9 hours just on social media alone with around 5 hours of TV and sometimes about 5 hours a gaming a day. 3 quarters of teens own a smartphone and a quarter of all teens say they are “almost constantly” online. Our craving for new video games and cat videos is starting to become an unhealthy habit. Staying up late at night to watch a movie or catch to up on a favourite tv show might sound like a great way to end the night but could be serious damaging your body. The light your phones gives off confuses the brain making it think it should be awake and alert. This could stop you getting any sleep and cause you to suffer from sleep deprivation. Not to mention that staring at screens for long periods of times day or night is also extremely damaging your eyesight. It might not make your pupils square but it is causing your vision to go hazy and blurry and is slowly drying your eyes out. Even walking down the street looking at your phone might damage your spine and give you motion sickness. Is it all really worth it just to watch that next episode of Family Guy.  Social media however affects you in an entirely different way. It has been linked with loneliness, sadness, jealousy and sometimes even depression. It is known to be extremely addictive with some people even suffering from withdrawal. Despite all this doom and gloom we still use it everyday. Actually 2 hours of our time is dedicated to using it and that’s a lot smaller compared to teens. The most popular social media is obviously Facebook with around 75% of people using it followed by instagram, snapchat, twitter etc. In total that’s around 5 years and 4 months in a lifetime, that’s ridiculously bigger than only 1 year and 3 months which is how long people spend socializing in person, talking to real people. Without talking to people in person we will become more antisocial and not learn the necessary skills to interact with other human beings. Before smartphones, social media and the internet was so much simpler and much more healthier.When you think about privacy you think all your secrets are safe right? Wrong. Today people have barely any privacy if any. Your computers, smartphones even TVs are full of your personal information, bank details, address right their for the taking by anyone who is a bit smart with computers. You wouldn’t want walk around wearing a t-shirt with your credit card pin on it or a have a ringtone that reads out your search history but for some hackers it’s that easy. Even trustworthy Google probably knows more about you than anyone else. What you search for, your favourite brands, food. Even most phones nowadays track your locations and have a long list of where you’ve been, how long you’ve been there and how you got there. Most recently the app Snapchat took this too far as to you could see if your friends were sitting down, standing up, sleeping as well as telling you where there home is,work and school. It is also creepily accurate enough to even see which room they are in. Obviously police are concerned.In the “Olden days” before the internet went crazy over a new photo of Nicki Minaj or Ryan Reynolds most recent tweet and before watching TV was more important than sleeping life was easier, simpler. We looked at maps for directions, things were written using pen and paper. Instead of coming home from school, watching a little TV and playing xbox until dinner kids had fun by going outside and kicking a football about or investigating a nearby forest etc. Today kids are more interested in watching funny videos on youtube and playing video games. WIthout technology kids would be bored out of their minds, even a power cut is enough trauma. If suddenly all our technology stopped working people would be more than bored, our world would descend in chaos like something out of a disaster movie.The more horrifying fact is that this is something which is possible and that could happen at any time. A powerful enough solar flare from the sun could send earth back to the stone age. Riots would ensue and the world would be anarchy. In the rare chance of that happening I doubt the world would get back on its feet.Humanity is adapting, changing to co-exist with technology and with it advancing so quickly whos knows how our future will change, we are still a while away from flying cars and teleportation but as we slowly make our way there we should go outside and enjoy the fresh air while we still can.