Teacher Should Not Make Their Social or Political View Known to Strudents in the Classroom

Today, with the oriented political and social issues, some teachers like showing their own views about these issues in classes. However, I strongly do not think it is a proper way to teach students especially younger students for the reason that exhibiting social or political views in the class can waste a lot of time and cause meaningless conflicts. Firstly, it would lose lots of time if teachers showed their social or political views instead of imparting knowledge related to their courses in classes.

Take my English teacher as an example. She does not like Japan very much. So, everyday in English class, my teacher likes spending a large amount of time on talking about something like how Japanese invaded China, how Japanese killed a lot of Chinese cruelly, how Japanese deny history and so forth. As a result, she always can not finish what should be taught according to the original plan. Thus, showing social or political views in class sometimes can delay the process of teaching.

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Secondly, some events are still complex issues, so teachers’ exhibiting views about these kinds of issues can cause serious conflicts between teachers and students. For example, my political teacher adores Obama because of his charming behaviors and excellent speech skills so that she always gives her views that Obama is the best and the most exclusive president in American history. However, some students strongly disagree with her because they do not think Osama have adequate ability in solving the overwhelmed Recession in America as seen that still many American can not find a job and live well-beings today.

Then, this group of students often argues with my teacher in political classes so that the student-teacher relationship was harshly broken. Thus, it is obvious that teachers who show social or political views in classes can cause conflicts in some cases. Therefore, although everyone has the free to show his opinion on certain objects, it is not wise for teachers to expose their social or political views in the classroom which can waste time and induce conflicts