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Conclusion………………………………………………………….67.References …

………………………………………………………..71.Abstract:Animportant part of Software Development Life Cycle is softwaretesting. Nowadays, there are several tools available that are webbased and serve the testing purpose very well. One reason for it’ssuccess may be the fact that they run on any web browser.

The systemwith increased efficiency and less cost is more preferable. Thediscussion here is about the comparison of different web automationtesting tools. This will serve two principles, one being theunderstanding of all these tools and secondly, The information aboutthe popular and competent tools available out there. Many browserssupport these testing tools and provide API’s and webdrivers. These API’s are used in different languages to writeappropriate script for testing.

One parameter to consider whilechoosing one of these tools as the best tool is how well and easilyit can be integrated. The other parameters being performance and costof each tool. The other thing to consider is that the tool must besuitable for the application it is going to test.2.IntroductionThispaper focuses on a thorough comparison between the leading webautomation testing tools.

This comparison takes into account all theimportant parameters necessary in determining both the best tool forweb testing and the most suitable tool for a person’s specificapplication. The key features that are considered in comparison are:OS, Language, Type, and Browser support etc. The objective here is toinvolve all the important parameters that can be used to completelydistinguish all the tools and help justify the preference of one ormore over others. Such as the platform support which can determine ifa certain tool can serve as a cross platform tool or a platformspecific tool.Typesof testing Static and dynamic testing:Instatic testing it isn’t necessary to execute the program while indynamic testing the program needs to be executed. The box approach method: Thebox approach method involves white-box and black-box testing. Manual and automation testing:Themain difference between automation testing and manual testing is thatthe manual testing does not require any tool while the automationtesting requires automation of the manual testing process.Webautomation testing and tools: Webtesting:Thesoftware with complete focus on web applications is called webtesting tool.

Webautomation testing:Themain goal of using web automation testing is to check if the websiteis flawed or has errors in it’s basic functionality as well asevaluating other features of the website such as responsiveness androbustness. The benefit of web testing however, is to use the samescript on different platforms, as cross platform web browsers areeasily accessible. Features: Saves time and money Improves accuracy Increases test coverage Does what manual testing cannotTools Selenium HP-QTP Test-complete Watir WET Silk-test WinRunner3.Tools Description: Selenium:Seleniumis a web testing framework that is especially known for it’sportability. It enables the tester to develop test scripts withouthaving to learn a specific language.Selenium supports a range of tools for a range of requirements ascript requires for web automation.

Web testers mostly use only a few of the tools supported by seleniumbut it is always a good idea to get full understanding of all theprovided tools.Selenium is a rich web testing framework that provides all theweb-oriented tools.This helps bind all the operations of the tool according to thewebsite and its functionality.The selenium’s ability to support multiple browsers is probablyit’s most important feature.The basic use of Selenium is functional testing of web applications.Selenium is suitable for agile testing. Selenium is a free and crossplatform software meaning that it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. HP-QTP: QTP(QuickTest Professional) is developed by Hewlett Packard (HP).

Itdoesn’t need to be monitored by the tester while it performs anautomated web testing of a web application.When the script is written, it uses a VBScript (Visual BasicScripting) to automate the web application.Because of the availability of the scripting engine in WindowsOperating System, there is no need to install own your own.The VBScript that comes with Windows 7 is of version 5.8.

VBScript is an object based language. Itfeatures automated regression testing which helps find errors ordefects in the application’s performance that is being testedagainst the required output or result. It only supports WindowsOperating System and it lacks multiple language support for writingscripts. Test-complete:Test-Complete isequipped with a graphical interface.

It uses a technique calledrecord-playback to automate testing. It enables the tester to useunit testing, functional testing, GUI testing, regression testing anddistributed testing. Test-complete is used for web applicationtesting and desktop application testing limited to Windowsapplication. It analyzes the features and the shortcoming of theapplication and performs evaluation according to the requiredconditions. It is an essential step in the process of SDLC (systemdevelopment life cycle). Companies that develop softwares strictlyfollow the process of SDLC as a guide while testing applications.Thetype of application as well as the cost regarding the use of the toolare the parameters that dictate the selection of tool to be used. Asit supports both the web application and windows application testing,there is a range of types of testing regarding web applications andwindows applications, which are as follows: functional testing, unittesting, regression testing, manual testing, data-driven testing,object-driven, distributed testing, HTTP load testing, and stress andscalability testing.

It does that in an environment with completeautomation testing tools that support Windows, web, Java and .NETapplication testing. It relives the the developers of the excessiveenergy and time a manual testing requires.

Watir:Itis developed with Ruby which is an object-oriented scriptinglanguage. The is used for system testing of large scale systems,automating user acceptance testing and functional testing.Watir uses programming language to write scripts that enable user tocontrol web page’s objects such as HTML and JavaScript directly.It is free and open source software. HTML and test scripts have nolayers between them which makes it easy to create user specificscripts without having to worry about it’s license as it is free ofcost.

WET:WETWeb Tester is a web based testing tool that drives an IE Browserdirectly and so the automated testing doneis equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. The toolallows a user to perform all the operations requiredfor testing web applications – like automatically clicking a link,entering text in a text field, clicking a buttonetc. One may also perform various checks as a part of the testingprocess by using Checkpoints. The latest versionof WET is 1.0. WET sits on top of Watir, an automated test tool whichuses Ruby scripting language.

WETretains all the features that Watir has and adds many usabilityrelated functionality 10. WETstarted off as a small extension library for Watir – Watir ExtensionToolkit. It has come a long way and isnow bundled with many compelling features. As the WET code base hasgrown multiple times, it now uses Watirjust as the library to drive IE. WET not only offers all that Watiroffers but many more powerful features to maketest automation effort a success. It’s base code has received amassive increase which helped it become stand alone software with anindependent identity.It was once considered an extension of Watir but now it is identifiedas WET. SILK-TEST:Itis developed by Segue.

It is used for: regression testing andfunctional testing for large-scaled applications serving environmentslike .Net, Web, Java or a client-server. It provides a range offeatures to choose from making it a highly efficient automation toolfor software testing. Customization,creating tests using work-flow , validation, complete data baseaccess, robust and flexible testing, automated recovery system,multple platform, browser support are among these features. Win-Runner:Automatedtesting with WinRunner addresses these problems by dramaticallyspeeding up the testing process. You can create test scripts thatcheck all aspects of your application, and then run these tests oneach new build. As WinRunner runs tests, it simulates a human user bymoving the mouse cursor over the application, clicking Graphical UserInterface (GUI) objects, and entering keyboard input—but WinRunnerdoes this faster than any human user.4.

Feature Description:Selenium: Easy to use and adopt No need to learn test scripting language Browser independent Free software Runs on major platforms i.e Windows, Mac, and LinuxHP-QTP: No skilled coder is required Object Oriented programming language Easy to use and navigate Easy monitoring and scheduling Supports testing of Mobile ApplicationsTest-Complete: Fully automated test recording from interactive usage of the application Uses key-word driven testing Test visualization Data-driven test using test, Excel and Database data sources Multi-browser support and cross-browser testing WATIR: It supports cross-platforms Requires skilled coder String and dynamic typing disciple Written in Ruby (Programing language) Does not run multiple scriptsWET: Record-playback technique is used for automation Setting parameters of objects Support multiple scripts Script Re-usability Supports Integrated Data Driven testing Makes creation of scripts easySILK-TEST: Provides 24/7 unattended testing Basic Work flow for rapid productivity Uses externally stored data for Data Driven Work flow to test business logic functionality Auto-Complete for instant test automation and customization infrastructure development Organizing and sharing test information with the help of Project Workspaces Re-usability and maintenance of scripts and tests are made easy with the help of GUI Scripting language is extensible, easily maintainable and highly portable Distributed testing for efficient usage of excessive portability and hardware resources Silk-Test provides reporting and execution of tests on runtimeWin-Runner:Testing tool for functional regression Only supports Windows platform Only for applications based on GUI (Graphical User Interface) Uses OOT (object oriented technology) concept For static content only Record-playback tool 5.Comparison of Tools Name of tool Language use OS Type Release/ Development year Licence Devel-opment status Develo-per Language supported Brows-er support 1 Selenium Java Cross-plat-form Software testing framework for web application May 22, 2013,(2004) Apache 2.0 Activre Jason huggins Domain specific language All major developer 2 HP-QTP VB script MS-wind-ows Test automation 2006 proprietary Active Mercury Interactive VB script Firefox 3.

0 and later Google chrome 3 Test-Complete Java MS-windows Test automation Sept.3 2013/ 1999 proprietary Active SmartBear software Inc. VB script, Jscript,C++,C#script, DelphiScript IE, Firefox, Google Chrome 4 Watir Ruby Cross-plat-form Software testing framework for web application Sept.30, 2012 BSD Active Bret Pettichard and Paul Roger Java, .Net, c# IE, later multiple browsers 5 WET Ruby MS-Windows Web-Based Testing Tool 2012 MIT Active Gov. of Canada Ruby IE 6 Silk-test 4Test Scripting language MS-windows Test automation Oct.10, 2012 proprietary Active Segue software Java, 4Test, VB,C#, IE and Firefox 7 Win-Runner C language MS-windows, Linux Load Testing Tool 2006 proprietary Active HP software division Test Scripting language IE, Netscape Selenium:Ituses Java language and also supports cross-platform.

It has Apache2.0 and it runs on all web browsers. It has language support fordomain specific languages.HP-QTP:Ituses and supports VB Script and operates on MS-Windows.

It hasproprietary license. It runs on IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.Test-Complete:Ituses Java language and has MS-Windows support. It has proprietarylicense. It runs on IE, Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers. Itsupports VB Script, JavaScript, C++,C#Script and Delphi Script.Watir:Ituses Ruby language and supports cross platforms.

It has BSD license.It initially had only IE support but later it received multi-browsersupport. It supports java, .Net, and C#.WET:Ituses and supports Ruby language and has MS-Windows support. It hasMIT license. It has IE (browser) support. Silk-Test:Ituses 4Test scripting language and has MS-Windows support.

It hasproprietary license. It runs on Internet Explorer and Firefox. It supports Java, 4Test, VB, C#, and VB.Net.Win-runner:Ituses C language, and has MS-Windows and Linux support. It hasproprietary license.

It runs on IE and Netscape. It supports testScripting language.6.ConclusionWeanalyzed various web automation tools in this paper. A web automationtool tests a web application for flaws or errors of any kind withoutperforming any manual operation . There are a number of webautomation testing tools that serve this purpose.

To decide whichtool is best, one has to tally the requirements with the tool’sfeatures. For instance if an organizations is looking for rapidresults he will go for speed and if an organization struggles withtheir budget, it is likely to search for a cost effective tool. Therequirements can be categorized according to the feasible tools.Ifan organization requires speedintesting then the possible testing tool is Test-Complete,but the tools comes with a cost. The Test-Complete has to be licensedand it’s license is quite costly. So if the organization prefersspeed over cost then it will be the right call to use Test-Case.However it the organization can’t handle the cost then they willhave to manage the trade-off.Onthe other hand if an organization wants a tool that is costeffective, they may have to settle for a tool that has a very slowtesting speed.

Or if the material to be tested is on large scale thetool should be chosen according to this specific need. For examplefor large-scale testing Watiris most suitable choice. So it is clear that a tool is best for a jobonly if it is chosen according to the need. Anorganization that wants a balanced tool may consider Selenium.It is both cost effective and flexible but again it is not best knownfor its speed. So in general it is a good tool but specifically- wellit depends on the specifications.Finally,all testing tools have their strengths and weaknesses or limitations.It is important to know the requirements to choose the best tool fora test case to perform most effectively.

All cases are to be judgedby their suitability instead of their shear performance or cost. 7.References:1. Kaner, Cem .(November17, 2006).

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