Study pregnant women during study Covariates – Subjects

Study of Scientific Article

The steps used in the scientific method were as
follows. Their uses are also described.

Case ascertainment – Used to draw data on Autism
Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from national registries

Maternal supplement use – Recommendations for
supplements used by pregnant women during study

Covariates – Subjects that display ASD and which can
be influenced by multivitamins

Odds Ratio – Measures association between exposure
and outcome

Sibling matched analysis – Identifies siblings with
shared characteristics (Frisell, Oberg, Kuja-Halkola and Sjolander, 713 – 720)

Propensity score analyses (PSM) – Estimates effects
of treatment or other intervention by accounting for covariates receiving

Multivariable regression analyses – Used to predict
the effect of a number of factors on a number of variables

Multivitamin categorization – Categorizing different
vitamin supplements based on their effect and function

Maternal hospital
stays – Used to study observed and unobserved health factors

Out of 273, 107
subjects, children who were 4 to 15 years of age by December 31, 2011, and were
born between 1996 and 2007A1  were taken as
samples. The rest were considered as controls. The independent variables used
in the study were multivitamins, iron and folic acid. The dependent variables
were ASD and intellectual disability.


The treatment group included children over an 11-year period, and
only those whose complete birth data could be accessed were included in the
study. The age group selected was the best for studying ASD and related
disorders. The controls were also selected from mother-child pairs whose
complete data was available. In a scientific study with such importance, it is
important to understand the background and health information of those being
studied. Therefore, the selection was appropriate.

Any study that includes so many statistical analyses is bound to
establish robust data Regression analysis was used to establish an association
between multivitamin use and occurrence of ASD and intellectual disability.

Multivariable analysis is especially important because in this study more than
one independent variables were used to influence more than one dependent variableA2  (EC,
23 – 28). Here
sensitivity analysis was essential to identify a relationship between observed
maternal stays and unobserved health factors which may have risen due to the
use of multivitamins or a single component.A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 

A total
of 273, 107 subjects were studied. For a study of this complex nature, the
sample size was good enough to establish a steady understanding of the proposed

a lot of confounding factors were present during the study, I think establishing
the fact that the use of anti-folates during pregnancy increases the chances of
ASD (Wang, Li, Zhao and Li, 4 – 7) is a bit biased. While it is true that
scientific studies exist to support this claim, considering it as the truth,
especially when it is an important part of the current study, is flawed (Adams et. al.

1 – 30).A8 

study fails to establish a connection, even a minor one, between multivitamin
use in mothers and the risk of ASD in children born. Moreover, the number of
vitamins studied was less and may be a reason for the lack of adequate data.

Although the number of samples was high, the study failed to consider the small
cell counts associated with rare findings which often makes it difficult to
reach a conclusion.

the dead-end reached by the study, the A9 results
obtained provide a window into the relationship between
multivitamin use and ASD. The findings in this study are significantA10 A11 , and A12 the scientific methods used lays the
groundwork for future studies.A13 A14 


ASD and
intellectual disability affect thousands worldwide, and therefore an
understanding is required to educate the general mass as to why it happens. It
will also help create a diagnostic method for quick evaluation of ASD and
intellectual disability A15 in response to multivitamin use in mothers.A16 

The importance of this
study creates a space for other studies to grow. Also, the use of different
scientific methods helps me understand what works and what doesn’t. Researching
for this study has tought on how to investigate, analyze and collect important information
to see if the evidence is valid or lacking validation. I will be better equipped with this newfound knowledge.

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