Students’ knows that junk food is unhealthy and

Students’ views on eating junk food versus eating healthy food.


The resources I will be using for my report is article, videos and my interviews. I chose this topic, because there are a lot of people on the island who are overweight. This is usually because they are eating too much junk or do not eat well. And there are also a lot of people right now who want to become healthier. So this is the reason why I chose this topic. I want to know why some people choose junk food and not healthy food, because it is obvious that junk food is bad for your body. There a lot of consequences when you consume junk food. Scientist and researchers have found out through various studies that junk can actually cause serious damage to your brain. The best thing to do is for you not have to to give up junk food, because it is normal to have cravings for junk food once in a while.


If everyone knows that junk food is unhealthy and has bad consequences, why do people still eat it? Well, because most of the time it is cheap, processed quickly and pre-packaged, making it easily available.