Statement of Intent

This assignment is based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It is a diary entry which will allow the reader to enter Angela Vicario’s head and get a completely different side of the story. This entry also intends to focus on the details of Angela’s and Santiago’s relationship, since in the book it isn’t even made clear whether they are engaged or not. This diary entry explores Angela’s feelings of guilt, the motive for her actions, and most of all, her love for Santiago. This is a creative piece of work which was written to fit into the context of the story and to explain things that Garcia Marquez decided not specify in the novella.

Dear Diary, The stench entered my nostrils and flowed into my lungs, invading and marking its presence on every inch of my body. There was no escape. The fresh smell of death lingered in the air, reminding me of the best and at the same time worst memories of my life. The musky scent of his body was infinitely replaced with the aroma of guilt. I can recall numerous times where I’d wished he would die. That he would burn in hell and never return.

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I had fooled myself into believing that his absence might make the eternal pain leave. He’s gone, murdered by my own flesh and blood, but the pain still lives. It reigns my body, only now it is stronger. My thoughts feed it constantly and it grows inside me, it’s roots penetrating my heart. Yet, I still love him. Love can drive us to do such unreasonable things. My love for him is the purest form of love, the unconditional type. Through so much pain and hatred, the love I felt for him still lived. I had wished him dead, from jealousy and anger, but even as I revealed the truth about our relationship, I wept in sorrow.

I knew exactly what they were going to do to him, yet that had not stopped me. I could have made up a lie. With so many men in the town, many other men could have been responsible for my shattered heart and dignity. But they weren’t. And I didn’t want them to be. He had done it, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Until the day I die, I know I belong to him. I am his, and he wasn’t mine. No matter how much I wanted him to be, he did not seem to want to lead an honorable and acceptable marriage. My family would have never accepted our sinful relationship, if you could even call it a relationship.

We never saw each other, we weren’t together, but after that one day, our souls had been united forever. He had come to do some business with my brothers. They weren’t at home, as a matter of fact, I was the only one there. What happened next, I will never be able to explain. I opened the door, and in front of me stood a man I had know my entire life, yet who had never had any kind of special effect on me. But this time it had been different. No words were exchanged, nothing needed to be said. Once our eyes met, our souls fused, and the he shut the door behind him.

That afternoon was never mentioned again. Sometimes I would see him at the market, or while I was out in town with my mother, but I didn’t dare to speak to him. He continued to live his life, with his fianci?? , as if nothing had ever happened. Until one day, when he knew I was alone, he came to speak to me. At first I didn’t open the door. He had treated me like a dog. Used me and then discarded me as trash. For weeks I had cried myself to sleep. How could I have lost something so precious as my virginity to such a disrespectful creature? I had given him reason to disrespect me.

Yes, I was always aware that the afternoon we spent together probably gave him the wrong impression. It would have given anyone the wrong impression. But that is the thing. To me, he wasn’t anyone. And I had hoped that he too had felt the union of our souls. That he had understood that the acts that followed the sound of the door slamming behind him were merely the physical representation of the magical spiritual energy we had just exchanged. I had not expected him to appear at my doorstep the next day with a bouquet of flowers or to serenade me, that would have been very suspicious.

All I wanted was a simple hello, and acknowledgement of my existence. A look. The temptation was too great, as my heart pounded in my chest, I tuned the handle, the squeaking of the bolts sending chills down my spine, and looked at the terra cotta floor. I did not dare to look him in the eyes. God knows what effect that might have. I could feel every particle of my body tingling. His stare penetrating me. The silence was no longer welcome. Unlike the first time, it was an uncomfortable silence. I felt violated by his presence. I could feel his eyes undressing me, the idea made me cringe.

Yet, for about fifty seconds I could not bring my jelly like legs to move, my voice had vanished, I stood there motionless. Then suddenly shut the door in his face. I was completely unaware if anyone had seen him stand there. After all, if someone had seen us, the news would travel fast, like anything that happens in this town. I started panicking. I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to open the door, embrace him and beg him to run away with me. Part of me wanted to slap him, remembering all the tears I had shed for him. But the biggest part of me just didn’t know what to do. I finally managed to turn my back on the door and sit down.

Then my salty tears started running down my cheek and into my lips, making me taste the pain and confusion I was feeling. I had never imagined I could feel so dirty and at the same time pure. The love I felt for that man was pure. My actions were not. I had sinned and gone against everything my mother had taught me, everything my family was known for. We were known for being decent girls, with polished moral values. I didn’t know if I wanted him to pound with his massive manly fists until the door fell apart or if I wanted him to leave and never return. He left and took all the hope I had in my heart with him.

I too returned to my everyday life. Slowly he started to fade from my everyday life, I didn’t forget him, but simply managed to lead my life without being interrupted by the thought of the man I loved and hated at the same time every time I tried to do something productive. I blamed myself for everything that had happened. I had made myself vulnerable to the situation. I had come to terms with my mistake. Until one day, I received a letter. It was anonymous, so that my parents nor the mailman wouldn’t be suspicious. But before I even opened it, I knew who It was from. The paper smelled like him.

In the letter, he asked me to wait. Declared his love for me and told me he was going to speak to my family. After all, he was wealthy and I’m sure if he had done things properly my parents would have approved. But he hadn’t. I waited and waited. Things changed, and I just kept on hoping. Then, Bayardo came. I thought Santiago would have stopped the engagement. Interrupted the short courtship. Everyone in town knew what was going on. But he never did. That coward never did. I replied to his first letter after I received the music box Santiago sent me, telling him to come and ask for my hand before it was too late.

He never even replied. I saw him on the streets with his fianci??. She greeted me. He averted his eyes, refusing to even look at me. He deserved to be killed. He stole all the love I had in my heart. He is the man I love. And the only man I would ever be able to love due to the intensity of my emotions. He stole my heart. I stole his life. If I couldn’t have him, then no other woman would. Now I’m drowning in guilt and pleasure. Choked by sorrow, blinded by the tears. We’re leaving for Manaure soon. I must go and help pack.

Statement of Intent

Statement of intent sample

Occasionally, I would have to correct them but for the most part this was really effective. Suddenly I didn’t have to force them to open up their textbooks, instead the textbooks became useful tools for them to fact-check, tools they could use to prove themselves right, a place to find answers. It was amazing! This eventually grew to a really useful way to get them running their own study sessions before exams. Some of the boys got competitive, trying to be able to recount more info. One of the girls got involved and brought notes. So now she had proof when the guys tried to challenge her. These boys were a very high energy, challenging group. But by valuing their input and getting them invested in the process we were able to see some pretty great improvements. It helped them to push each other and challenge each other. It also got them to care about the process. They didn’t have to take my word for it that textbooks were useful because they had used them first hand as a tool. It was a dynamic and adaptable format so we could breeze by the things that the students were comfortable with or really spend time and focus if most of the group was stuck. 

  Initially this was a group that didn’t see the point. They often asked “miss when am I going to need this in real life” I had to get creative I always had to have tangible examples up my sleeve. I have a feeling when they look back on their study sessions at Microskills they’ll find the soft skills they developed more useful than say balancing chemical equations. But by being able to buy into the fact that knowledge and information are tools you can use I think they will be able to create a lot more opportunities for themselves! By seeing that information is helpful not just for a grade, but to grow conversations and facilitate actual understanding. I love seeing the shift in student’s perceptions when they start to realize how something seemingly unrelated to their life actually can be profoundly impactful.;

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Reading is the ultimate act of empathy and communication and it’s great to shift their perceptions regarding language’s ability to communicate and transcend time and location. Watching them learn how to use learning tools was really motivating. I hope this helped them grow their desire for understanding. I hope they will find their educational careers a place not separate from ;real life; but part of their whole curious lives. I hope they learn to question things and attempt to understand things not for grades sake or because it;s a means to an end but because it will help them make better decisions and therefore live happier more satisfying lives. The idea wasn;t to get them to memorize a set of facts. The idea was to get them to be agents of their own understanding and use those facts to make connections.;;

Sample statement of intent for graduate school

Experience with Diversity

The most valuable experiences I;ve had in learning to convey information have come from my work was at a charity called I Challenge Diabetes. I started out as a volunteer in 2012 and have been involved in a variety of roles. In a small charity all staff are required to wear many hats but one of the things that is my specialty is designing activities and programming relating to outdoor education and diabetes management. The skills required to get kids and teens to engage with diabetes education are similar to those required to effectively engage students in a classroom setting. I have been involved as a coach for our Exercise and Excellence programs, as a leader on backpacking trips and guided hikes, currently I am program coordinator and head of volunteer management.;

Normally in order to structure our events we think about the goals of the program, and what skills we want the participants to learn. The games and discussions we;ll follow to facilitate participant growth and understanding is structured to support these objectives. One program in particular we ran in partnership with DSkate Hockey which is an elite hockey camp specifically for Type 1 diabetics. Type 1 diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage particularly surrounding the many adjustments made to insulin dosage and the increased blood sugar checks required in sport. Our goal at ICD is always to give students the tools and skills to manage their diabetes safely while training at a high level; we focus on increasing self-efficacy and self-esteem while offering support for practical diabetes specific challenges. We worked in partnership with DSkate and a team of Medtronic nurses and health care providers to provide fun, safe and engaging programing. The Dskate team often surprised us which made it difficult to stick to our plans.;;

Personal statement for graduate school example

; One day we had a visit from the Hockey Hall of Fame so that the kids could see the trophy. Due to some unforeseeable scheduling mishaps the trophies arrived pretty late. All of the children sat in the chairs waiting to see the trophies and getting more and more reckless. As support staff left to check on the trophy status I was handed a microphone, I stood facing 55 kids, all of which were getting pretty impatient. I had to improvise quickly.;;

;Who is the most important player on a hockey team? ;I asked them. (To this day I am both proud of this and also a little embarrassed because it;s so clich;.) The kids quickly raised their hands jumping in with their favorite players and reasons why they were the most valuable. The Conn Smythe trophy is awarded annually to the most valuable hockey player in the NHL. If the star forward is the most valuable why have goalies earned this award? If goalies are the most valuable why have defenseman been awarded this honor? Why doesn;t the goalie always win? It;s not the position that;s important, rather the effort of the individual combined with good support from other resources.;

The most valuable player still needs a team; hockey is not a one on one sport. Neither is diabetes. Focus on process, to focus on giving students tools that they can use to build their own connections. Mostly I relied on listening and asking questions. What do you think? Why? Has anyone else experienced anything like that? Had a different experience? If they could develop good critical thinking skills they would be less likely to default to being typecast and similarly would be less likely to be unfair to their colleagues. I did once have a student say to me ;how would you know about that. Miss you;re white.; I dealt with this by explaining that I am more than my melanin count. I don;t want to pretend that your skin tone doesn;t inherently come with a lot of assumptions, on both sides of the issue that does exist. But I am not my skin color. I treat people with respect and I expect that in return. Systemic bias and issues therein are a reality.;

Letter of intent sample

I am shamelessly idealistic in the sense that I hope everyone no matter your gender, sexual orientation; ethnic heritage, position or challenges in life can treat everyone with a base level of respect. I wish that for the future, it;s something I try to instill in my nieces, something I model and something I care very deeply about. Imagining issues complexly can complicate things. I hope that opposing views don;t ever have to limit our capacity to learn. But it;s important to consider that there is always another opinion. Differentiation in education doesn;t necessarily refer to different learning styles, but I think different needs, I think I;ve found that regardless of learning style or learning environment there is a fundamental need to feel safe and valued. We are all entitled to our views and we will all be better off we are able to explain and more importantly to listen!;

Empathy is something that I try to weave into every single aspect of my life. I think a little compassion and a little listening can go a long way. I often try to think about the best way to truly make people feel heard. I terms of how exactly I tend to implement this specifically I would say I intend to continue to value diversity, respect, listening and empathy. Often diversity as an issue comes with sensitivity and should be taken on a case by case basis. This is a practical challenge I would love to learn more about through your graduate program. How can we design classrooms so that everyone feels safe and valued? Common sense is not that common as the saying goes, but the fact is we do not all share the same common. Instead I hope to make listening and respect a must have. Let;s be different, let’s disagree, but let’s do it an intellectual and respectful way.;;